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  1. Did you write a remedial, or did you receive a course failure (ie writing a supplemental activity after failing a remedial exam)?
  2. Interesting idea... A Canadian based Anki deck for different specialties? I like it. We might be stuck with copyright issues if we use the Toronto Notes
  3. The MCAT is not useful for medicine. Physiology is, and clinical skills (M3 and beyond) is ultimately most useful for practicing as a physician.
  4. Was wondering if anyone had a premade deck from the Toronto Notes book. I know that a number of USMLE-based Anki decks exist, but I worry that they're not Canadian enough to study for shelf exams and the LMCC here in Canada.
  5. I just did a rotation in a core specialty (surgical), and felt like I was just there to do the work of the team, and get the job done. I learned literally nothing, and worked easily 50-60 hours a week. To top it all off, my school has shelf exams, and I failed by one mark. I'm pretty angry - not only were we not taught the things relevant on the exam during the rotation, we grinded out 50-60 hours (some weeks were night shifts) and still learned nothing. Is med school just unpaid labour?
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