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  1. This is making me question my ECs now. You have good numerical stats, so it must be that.
  2. TIME STAMP: 4:56pm ESTResult: RegretswGPA: 3.76MCAT: 128 CARSECs: Thought they were pretty good manYear: Undergrad CompleteGeography : IP
  3. You are preaching to the choir, I agree with you about the mannerisms, small talk etc being an enormous advantage. You. Are. Right. But I think this image that you are painting of spoiled brats driving around in sports cars is utter fantasy that you are using to paint all high SES people as immoral gluttons. Sure, we all know and have seen people who are privileged to these luxuries, but it isn't really a thing. You have to be making an enormous amount of money to be doing that shit. Like, more than doctor money. Remember, a salary of 300k is like 170k after taxes. Moreover, its not really a c
  4. I think that it is a bit of a stretch of the imagination to assume that having a parent who makes 100k a year (or even 300k a year) is buying their children luxurious cars and sending them to private school. Maybe in the US, but this is Canada. So, I don't think you can make a broad stroke in that regard as you try to support your argument that people from a higher SES have a lower capacity for empathy. I like to think that in Canada, we do a fairly good job at interacting with people unlike ourselves, compared to other nations, anyways. And I agree, you cannot teach empathy, but you can learn
  5. Holy shit bro. Are you seriously feeling really down? Cause we can give u a boost if u need.
  6. I recently scored a 500 (122/128/122/128) on the MCAT with a 128 (90th) in CARS. Now I'm sitting here wondering if a high CARS score but a low overall MCAT can actually get you in. Is there anyone out there who has heard of anyone getting in with low sciences but high CARS? Thank you for your time and energy.
  7. Another good one is the New Yorker and the Walrus. My favourite is the New York Review of Books, but it is a subscription.The reason I am recommending these is because they are very difficult to read while at the same time being very engaging. Thus good practice for CARS
  8. The bright side of your MCAT is that you only really need to work on a single section. That being said, it is a hard section to increase quickly. Therefore, hope is not lost, simply take time to work on it. My gut feeling after hearing what you have to say is that you don't need to be focusing on strategy right now. Rather, you need to work on your basic reading comp. Once you have increased that, move on to strategy. Look at ways to increase reading comp. Although the advice of reading "the economist" is cliche, I think it would benefit you a lot in your case. If you can be patient, the
  9. ....I mean, you're right, but at the same time I want to challenge you on a few things. Mainly, I think it is really easy to criticize the flaws of a system, but it is also important to realize that, ultimately, it was created by smart people who want things to be fair, and who are trying to deal with some of the inequalities you mentioned. The problem is that medical schools want to recruit intelligent and compassionate people, yet have a hard time finding them. In the process, they yse as many tools as possible to help them in this effort--metrics like GPA, CASPer, MCAT, ECs etc. But you're
  10. I'm applying to McMaster (CASPer is 33% of pre-interview scoring), so I really want to knock it out of the park, but I am having trouble determining what is a reasonable amount of time. The BeMo book said 6-8 weeks which, to me, seems like an insane amount of time. Given its important to me to get a really good score, how long do you think is sufficient of full-time studying. Thank you for your time and energy.
  11. Thank you for your input. I really appreciate you taking the time to parse this--I agree, it is a tough one. I think you're right about opening doors with the other sections on the MCAT, even if its just making me eligible for UAlberta and Western. Conversely, I've gotten some advice from some mentors in my life that have suggested that I just leave it alone because my motivation won't be strong if I am re-writing for something I am not certain about.
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