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  1. Thank you! Last I heard it moved 6 spots but that was a few days ago it might have moved more . Best of luck!
  2. Just got in!!! So they have gotten to number 4 at least. Best of luck to everyone else waiting.
  3. Not yet! I will post when it happens
  4. Is anyone planning to or has anyone heard of other people planning to drop UofT dentistry other than fz90?
  5. Thanks everyone! I know I'm being a little neurotic its just hard to let go of an acceptance when I don't have a guaranteed spot at UofT yet, but at the same time I don't think its worth it to lose 10,000. @ysoNaCly I didn't realize it was one waiting list this year , how did you find that out?
  6. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice. I am currently second on the waiting for the DMD program at UofT (was originally number 4 but it moved two spots after the deposit). I was also accepted to UCC in Ireland for their dental program and I have to decide by early next week if I want to pay the deposit (a whopping 10,000 dollars). My top choice is obviously UofT and I know I'm high up on the waiting list, but I'm worried because UofT sent out acceptances so early this year that the waitlist wont move...
  7. This entire process seems rather strange... why are all of us the waitlist so far OOP?
  8. Does yours not say anything at all? or just further review?
  9. Welp nvm then. Wish it was like that for DMD too, this is so much more stressful haha.
  10. Perhaps they have only called those who applied to MD and DMD since they called MD applicants this morning? (just a guess)
  11. Does anyone remember when the results come out? I think either this week or next Monday, but I don't remember the date they gave us?
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