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  1. How do you know if you are next on the waitlist? They wouldn't even tell me my number on it
  2. Didn't the year before last year at UWO move about 30 spots? From what I understand it was only last year that HWL didn't clear
  3. Does anyone know about how many people get placed in the high/normal/low waitlists respectively?
  4. I got the same response, that's pretty annoying Do they not even tell us high/middle/low WL?
  5. I guess it could still move a little because of med schools, but nothing close to 30 spots
  6. Does Western care a lot about individual sections of the AA, or just the overall AA score?
  7. How difficult is it to get your TN visa initially? And is renewing any easier?
  8. How long can you stay and work in the US after doing your education there? And if you wanted to move there permanently, how would you go about doing that?
  9. Thanks @longhaul, I didn't know that actually Would you expect then that the waitlist movement would be similar to past years that used ABS/PS?
  10. I would assume it's a lot less than that actually since U of T takes mostly Ontarians, and mostly Ontarians apply to western right?
  11. Oh that's a bummer but thanks for looking into it! And yeah I did
  12. Does anyone know how many people they are interviewing this year?
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