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  1. Result: Accepted Timestamp: 9:31 am 2YRS: 4.00 MCAT: (129/127/128/131) ECs: Diverse, strong, long-term. pm me for details Interview: felt great about the interview, really connected to my interviewers in both panel/mmi In-person or Virtual: In-person Year: 3 years post undergrad Geography: IP
  2. I actually wonder how many people will reject mac now just due to the optics. I am waitlisted at mac but have another offer that I am debating.
  3. waitlisted at mac lol how isi this lottery waitlist even gonna work
  4. dreams do come trueeee, 3rd time applicant feeling so blessed.
  5. Result: Accepted 6:51am Stream: English cGPA: 3.98 CASPer: who knows, but I did get a Mac interview. ECs: longterm, varied and in healthcare and research Interview: Felt great about it <3 Year: 3 years post undergrad , working in medicine professionally.
  6. ottawaaaa offferrrrr !! I still wanna see how mac lottery turned out for me though!!! so blessedd
  7. me me me me I am waiting on mac queens and ottawa
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