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  1. I agree that the button that is specific to its action and it's indicative of an offer during regular years. This is an unprecedented situation though and the salient questions are then whether or not the reason for the button showing up is because of a completely random glitch that has nothing to do with statistics or if it was a clerical error that accidentally released information through an unforeseen button change.
  2. I agree that we shouldn't put the hopes of an offer on this button but I don't think a good argument to be skeptic would be to believe omsas chat when they're so vague and also haven't fixed the glitch or made a statement. If this was just a simple glitch on their end I think it would be reasonable to expect a statement or fix of the glitch given the amount of people that have brought it to their attention.
  3. I talked to OMSAS live chat earlier today and asked about the button extensively. All they said was to ignore the button, but they were also very evasive when asked directly if it was confirmed a glitch and wasn't related to an offer being registered to our OMSAS accounts. They deferred to SAM when the questions were direct. I don't know how much we can trust the transparency and forthcomingness of those poor OMSAS live chat workers swamped with our button questions.
  4. Just confirmed with a friend of mine that accepted their MD/PhD offer earlier that they have the button.
  5. Unlikely to be the same as someone posted earlier in the thread that their friend got off the interview waitlist and now has the button.
  6. Also based on the number on the poll as of this point there are 10 people that interviewed at mac and have the button whereas only 4 people interviewed at mac but do not have the button. This ratio sounds off to me if we suspect it to be offers. Maybe the button includes waitlist too?
  7. Look at the Poll, someone posted that they HAVE the button but didn't interview at mac. Can that person say where they interviewed?
  8. I only had one interview to McMaster and currently have the "Reset Responses" Button.
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