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  1. This person probably declined SMP but said to stay on the waitlist for any higher ranked sites (in this case VFMP).
  2. Mine also says not received and I submitted it late January so I think it's normal
  3. This current application cycle is the first cycle where English is not a requirement anymore!
  4. you are fine, you only need General chemistry I and II and either Orgo I and II or Orgo I and biochem. Just start entering them into OMSAS and it'll be clear what they want
  5. Are you sure you forgot to enter them? I noticed that after you submit you can't see them on your summary, but you can see the address. I know that I entered them for sure and then once I submitted I can't see any of them.
  6. if it says somewhere that you are unlikely to receive an offer that would be bad waitlist and if it doesn't say anything that would be good
  7. I'm not sure, I got the exact same thing as you (saw that you posted in another thread). Maybe because the waitlist typically doesn't move much there is no good/bad, I'm not sure.
  8. Hey, I was just waitlisted in the CNFS stream and I am aware that because of the same size of the pool the waitlist does not move much. I was wondering if anyone who was accepted in the CNFS stream are thinking of rejecting the offer for another school? Thanks and congrats to those who were accepted!
  9. At the info session at the Ottawa interviews they said that if you accept an offer at another school in Ontario you will be taken off the waitlist at Ottawa, even if you're next in line. Not sure if it's like that for every school but I would assume so.
  10. donc est-ce que les gens dans la première vague ont un meilleur score pour les notes que les gens dans la 2ème vague et etc.? je pensais que c'était aléatoire?
  11. @Vanderb Try not to worry about it too much (I know, I know, easier said than done) but I also felt like I majorly screwed up and felt quite nauseous for like an hour after my interview. I think that this is a very common feeling (feeling like you screwed up some questions), but there's nothing you can do now except wait! I am still trying to stop thinking about my bad answers even though I did my interview a few weeks ago, you're not alone in this. Hopefully everything will be positive for everyone of us here and we'll meet each other next year!
  12. wow, I'm glad you made it though! That really sucks but I'm sure you still did fine on the interview!
  13. @Maggie19 I'm super curious, did it all work out?? Hope it did!
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