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    me right now

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    Just a little thought that I felt compelled to share.
    For those of you that are fortunate enough to live in an area with Daylight Savings Time, just remember that decision letters are 1 hour closer than you may have thought.
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    I had to count to 10 before posting a response, and I am very grateful that the rest of my peers have taken the time to unpack the utter lack of understanding of @amir1 for the reasons many institutions' efforts to close the gender gap (in favour of male physicians) that existed for decades! 
    @amir1 appears to be trolling the UoT forum, he posted another gross misrepresenting and misinterpreted piece about lack of "social diversity" in UoT!!! 
    Women and non-binary gender individuals, have a long way to go to close the gap that for decades favoured male applicants. I am sure you have all heard of Japanese medical schools that admitted to scaling down the scores of female applicants as a way of accepting more male applicants, because women are considered risking education investments! Japan is not a third world country! we see instances of such discriminating policies or hidden micro-aggressions in the US and here in Canada. I am glad that the Royal College of the Physicians and Surgeons of Canada is encouraging institutions to close the gender gap. We still have a long way to go to do it with respect to the ration of male to female physicians, not to mention the  gender gap in pay! 
    It's befitting to end this post with one of my favourite 'Heritage Minutes' videos on Jennie Trout, the first woman to become a licensed medical doctor: 
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    I was told the week of January 28th
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    Phew, okay got it. I was freaking out for a second. Thank you!
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    So, if GPA plays a role as a tie-breaker, then essentially it doesn't play a significant role in the pre-file review and just meeting their cut-of wGPA is enough? 

    Kinda sucks to know that GPA isn't worth anything but a cut-off these days. :/ If CASPER and ABS is really worth a lot, it kind of troublesome, since a subjectivity bias can play a big role when these are being evaluated. Oh well, just got to follow the procedures and hope for the best. 
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    I feel like i've been telling myself "tomorrow might be the day" for a few weeks now
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    i don't think it's fair to tell people that they should see this as a reason to improve themselfs. the interview process is one of the most subjective ways to judge an applicant, especially a pannel interview. of course it's always good to improve yourself, but this should be no matter if you get accepted and not. in my opinion the interview part is legit luck based
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    Just my personal opinion...but I think it would be best to feel neither very hopeful nor hopeless. Rather, you should be very determined to systematically and realistically self-appraise and find ways to improve yourself. See this as a great opportunity rather than a great predicament.  Think about it, if you work hard to improve yourself and get in next year, not only it will be an amazing feat, but you will undoubtedly be a stronger, more resilient, and more mature individual. Then when the medical school starts, you will be in a better shape to deal with failures and the improvements you made will make you a stronger candidate for whatever specialty you will be aiming for. 
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    Maybe I should clarify. My comments had no bearing on how capable he/she is as a person. It is absolutely possible (and very likely) that on a different day or with a different panel, he or she would have got in directly. The subjectivity/luck factor on who should or should not be a doctor is prominent in these interviews. But I still believe looking at it from an opportunity point of view is the most pragmatic way of handling a rejection/bad wl, etc. 
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    I got in. I was expecting a call and checked my email after seeing someone on here post that they had an email and no call. I'm still in shock. 

    3.955 GPA.

    For those looking at the timestamp stuff, go back last year, we did the same thing and it doesn't mean anything.
    Edited: My timestamp was 7:45am. I know it looks like this is the case this year, but go back to our discussion last year and you can see that the pattern eventually breaks.
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    EXACTLY. Especially since this type of online system is already in place all over QC med schools, it would spare them thousands of calls from us and it would answer so many of our questions and we could estimate if its worth spending more money and time and efforts re-writing the mcat and things like that. Its ridiculous! So inconsiderate, its almost like they want us to suffer more and they want to have more work to do.
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    Oro reacted to karl heider in Waitlist Support Thread - 2018   
    well the waiting is definitely horrible. but what I really can't seem to understand is why the lack of transparency? Wouldn't it be far more considerate and human to give everyone his ranking? the list is already made. if someone is ranked number 5 in the waitlist lets say he can plan his summer accordingly while knowing when and when not to wait for the waitlist to move. it's really inconsiderate to how much this matters to us and how strong of a grip it has on our future plans etc. 
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    How many of you guys hoping to get into Montreal/Sherbrooke/Laval?
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    Hey, I was just waitlisted in the CNFS stream and I am aware that because of the same size of the pool the waitlist does not move much. I was wondering if anyone who was accepted in the CNFS stream are thinking of rejecting the offer for another school?
    Thanks and congrats to those who were accepted!
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    Each stream has their own individual waitlist so this is correct since CFNS is a stream.  On that note, I can confirm 1 spot for CFNS has likely opened as my friend has officially rejected it for UBC.  Best of luck!
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    I know two other people who got the same, so maybe there's no bad waitlist? It would be nice to know so I can move on for the summer lol
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    Wondering the same thing!
    Also, do we have good/bad waitlist? Or everyone has the same email?
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    Anyone in CNFS planning to reject their offer? I got waitlisted too
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    To the very few people who know I'm going through this process, they've asked "when do you find out"? I told them late May to get them off my case lol.
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    Oui, en théorie, la distribution des étudiants convoqués dans les différentes vagues le samedi/dimanche est aléatoire (j'espère que ce l'est en pratique). Toutefois, je pense que PharmMdDREAM voulait parler des vagues de convocations selon les dates. Dans ce cas, le fait d'être convoqué dernière minute signifie qu'on est près du cut-off.
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    donc est-ce que les gens dans la première vague ont un meilleur score pour les notes que les gens dans la 2ème vague et etc.? je pensais que c'était aléatoire?
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