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  1. TIME STAMP: 11:40 AM EST Result: Invite GPA: 3.97 (according to McGill academic workbook, without winter 2020 grades) CV: some in-person and virtual dental shadowing. 1 year clinical research assistant. 4th year thesis research project. 2 years breast care clinic volunteering+ 2 years of other hospital volunteering. Mentoring. 3 years senior home volunteer. Worked in customer service during one summer. (Overall I think my CV is fairly avg) Year: UG. Graduated June 2020 Feelings about Casper: no clue how it went. All I can say is I didn't leave anything blank lol
  2. I mean... The application process was largely the same as previous years for uoft so I don't see why more people would apply. McGills decision to not look at the DAT this year prob resulted in more applications this cycle tho
  3. Invited GPA: 3.95 DAT: 26AA, 23PAT IP Graduated June 2020, currently taking gap year
  4. Hey where did you learn about your Casper score?
  5. They said they will let us know by mid-Jan! This was an email they sent out in December.
  6. For bio, I studied off bio academy and made notes on the bootcamp condensed notes. I would revisit high yield concepts every few days to make sure i didn't forget. After doing practice tests (Crusher mainly) I would specifically review the topics tested. If there were new concepts I didn't study, I would read about it in Feralis notes and add them to my edited bootcamp condensed notes. For Chem, I've always been pretty comfortable with it so this section was ez for me. I watched Chad's videos and studied that exclusively. Also practiced Chad's free DAT tests. I actually signed up
  7. Uoft sent an email mid Dec saying that interview offers will be emailed around mid Jan
  8. It was available to download on the CDA website last Friday. I think they are updating the scaled scores rn so they can't be accessed anymore. I'm guessing they will be made available officially some time this week or next. (They'll prob email us this time)
  9. The personal scores were available for two days before Saturday. I'm guessing they took it down to update the scale score from the Feb one. Im guessing everything will be out officially sometime this week!
  10. I applied to western, uoft, and mcgill! I was glad that Mcgill isn't looking at DAT this cycle but now I sort of wish they were lol... But ofc, staying in Ontario would be the best case scenario
  11. I did so much better than I thought! Really happy about it! BIO:26 CHEM:30 PAT:23 RC:21 Thought RC was going to be REALLY bad because I didn't finish on time. RC was always my weakest section (I read like a snail... cry :') ) Had to guess ~5 questions. The general consensus was that RC was hard this year so maybe the scaling saved me lol. My articles were all very bio heavy. (Wrote on the 24th) Does anyone know when they will release the score scale for Nov 2020. I only see the Feb one.
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