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  1. Hey everyone! Just confirming a question I have about the MCAT and applying. This is going to be my first cycle i'll be applying. I have my MCAT scheduled for August 27th. I see that applications open in the beginning of August. Can I apply at the beginning of August as long as I select that my score be released during the time period USask requests? Or, do I apply after I've written my MCAT (after August 27th)? Thank you all in advance!
  2. Or perhaps the national exam grades have been the lowest because the University of Saskatchewan has been creating more clinical based and interpersonal physicians. If you don't understand that then you clearly have no clinical experience. The University of Saskatchewan takes pride in diversity and accepting individuals based on how they interact with other people and patients. If you wanna bitch about grades, apply to U of T. I know many individuals who have been accepted with an 78-85 average to U of S and are better jersey's than current residents from OOP medical schools. Your argument is s
  3. Would you be able to comment on the possible other changes coming in the next few years?
  4. Weird how they sent back such a broad response. Also to answer your other question, the calculation of income for 5 years. It would be the 5 years leading up to your application into the college of medicine.
  5. Hey everyone, I saw on the College of Medicine website that the admissions committee is meeting on January 29th to make a final decision on wether CASPer should be added into the application process. My question to this is, do you think this would replace the MMI entirely or do you think this would be in addition to the MMI? Not sure what to think considering the MMI is worth 50% of admission. Interested to hear everyones thoughts!
  6. I also had the same question regarding this portion of DSAAP. I brought it up at the information session and from what I can remember I do believe it considers your siblings as well. But it might be different if they are considered dependents. I would suggest you to email the college of medicine. I'm sure they will answer but it'll take them some time. It's a busy time of year for them. When they answer, please post a response! I'm sure others have the same question.
  7. Sorry I may have interpreted this incorrectly. It was stated at the admission information session that if you have GRADUATED.. and are taking another year to "boost" your GPA; they will not count those classes towards admission. Only the classes that counted towards your degree will be counted.
  8. You're absolutely correct, U of S doesn't care about work experience or EC's. But you really think that they would accept someone into their medical school if they weren't able to communicate properly with an individual to pass the interview? You do know that the interview is 50% of admission? Sure, there are applicants with outstanding grades but they do a piss poor job with communication. I first hand have had experience with residents and physicians who can't communicate properly with their colleagues and patients which leads to a nurse/paramedic running their ER for them. You do know
  9. It's not the fact that someone with much higher stats doesn't deserve to get in. It's the fact that U of S values DIVERSITY. I know many people who were accepted into U of S with a 80% average and around a 23rd percentile MCAT and they will be amazing physicians. Marks are not the deciding factor of wether or not they will be a great physician. I find this post of yours very discourteous.
  10. I am a Saskatchewan resident and I am starting undergrad in september. I am currently a Paramedic and looking to further my education into medical school but unsure on the number of classes U of S requires you to take per semester, also I am unsure of if U of S requires that you take any science prereqs? I applied to the Faculty of Kinesiology figuring its the only thing that interested me if this is a good route to go? I will take as much advice that you guys can give me! Thanks in advance!
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