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  1. I feel like I tried my best and was myself but have started to second guess a couple of my answers.. trying not to focus on it too much! I have heard from several people that your GPA/DAT is what determines if you get an interview and your interview score determines whether or not you are accepted/rejected.. anyone know if this is true?
  2. I'm still on the waitlist, in the top third now. I was told I will remain on the waitlist until class starts although I know the chances at this point are pretty slim
  3. How many people do you know declined for med? Has anyone tried calling or emailing this week? Maybe Merissa is on vacation.
  4. So there are 4 people so far in this forum who are waitlisted upper third and no one has been accepted yet?? That seems odd
  5. I hope you're right!! Going a little crazy over here..
  6. I am assuming only 1-2 IP got invites today as there are 2 of you in the upper third posting who have not yet received invites. I emailed today and I'm still in the middle third so it hasn't moved much..
  7. Waitlisted (middle third) IP Congrats to those who were accepted, if anyone has any stats on the IP waitlist please share!
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