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  1. I can't remember if I posted this before too, but at least 50-60% of my class (at Dal OT) were off the waitlist. Some as late as the day classes started in Sept (one girl came to class for a few days before she could officially register because it was so last minute, and moved to Halifax the night before orientation). Apparently in other years people got accepted as late as Sept 10 or so So if you're on the Dal waitlist - don't give up hope! A lot of people from OOP apply to Dal as a backup and then when they get into schools elsewhere their spot opens up. Good luck! Once people get in i
  2. Because Dal OT gets funding from the Atlantic provinces to reserve spots for residents of NB, NL, PEI because they don't have OT schools in their province. It's to ensure residents of those provinces have access to OT education. ON has TONS of OT schools so there is no need for this. Other schools do similar - Manitoba and Saskatchewan, for example. Given that 500,000 people in NL have access to 8 spots at Dal, it's really not that big.
  3. Definitely send them your transcripts. If you have outstanding pre-requisites you won't be considered until your courses are done and they have received your transcripts, even if you're doing them at Dal
  4. in Sept 2nd year OT is partly online, partly in person for labs. First semester at Dal OT you do mental health (physical hands on stuff starts in Jan) so maybe don't need to be there in person for labs, but you might need to be so I wouldn't count on not moving there! If they don't contact you within a few weeks I'd reach out to them to ask if you can delay moving to NS.
  5. no, but dal OT is a shit show as well (I'm a previous student) For example - I didn't get any notification about my application unitl a month after everyone else on this forum did so I called and they told me they "lost it" and I had to resend it and I got in... if you don't hear from them (either rejection, waitlist or acceptance) by June 1 CALL THEM
  6. Not sure if someone else has answered this but Dal just announced Fall term will primarily be online, with a few course exceptions. From someone I know just finishing their first year now I think that means that all courses will be online when possible with maybe 1x lab a week or so in person, probably in rotated shifts https://www.dal.ca/novel-coronavirus/may-20--fall-term-update.html
  7. They were on the website when I applied (a few years ago) and this year they talked at school council about doubling them, not sure if they're listed on the website.
  8. for PT or OT? As OT I heard back early May. In my year some people started hearing mid-march, but that wasn't covid times. I was doing the prereqs and they wait until your final grades are released. Then you should hear within 2 weeks of that. If you don't hear by mid May I'd give them a call
  9. Dal - They used to have more seats for out of province, but I believe it's now only 15 or so out of 66. It used to be 8 NL, 12 NB, 4(?) PEI and 20 NS?...around there. They doubled most of them this year. Used to be about 30 so from out of province now only 15. In terms of number of apps I don't know. I got into dal when I was 29 so don't feel old!
  10. it's through the summers as well, full-time I believe. Spring term is May - July. We have 3 8-week placements, and they change the timing a bit in the last year (I know PT ended at end of May last year for their term instead of April, then did a workterm. So, yeah, we don't have summers off. A 2 weeks - month between terms I think (ie August, december break, etc)
  11. I live in the North End, which is as far as you can get away from the school while still in the main city/peninsula, but it still only takes me 15 mins to get there by the bus. If you want to walk, then you can look at places around Dal/Quinpool, but I like the vibe of the North End better and it's cheaper!
  12. I haven't seen one, but we could maybe make one? I'd like to meet people too!
  13. You might struggle with the diversity and inclusion courses in OT/PT with an attitude like this. There are a ton of reasons people are not able to achieve good marks in classes that have to do with race, disabilities, gender, class etc. Additionally, this "equity" wave is helping support the diversity and inclusion that we as OT/PTs are meant to be supporting. If you think that this is harming the profession, you might not be cut out for a program that instills and values equity and diversity itself.
  14. For those that got accepted to Dal OT how long did it take to get the letter from FGS and did they email or mail it to you? (I got acceptance from the department on Tuesday - Chrissy said everyone should know by now, so if you haven't heard either way - call!)
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