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  1. Hello, I'm looking to get DAT soap ASAP for upcoming Nov 2 DAT If anyone in Ottawa can help me that would be great! Thank you,
  2. Got a call Friday (Sept 14) , they said it's not usual this happens since classes already started and wanted to know what my situation was since i was next on waitlist . I told them i started school already I guess someone dropped out recently.
  3. theres a chance for one more person to get off the waitlist for western
  4. Yes it does https://www.mcgill.ca/dentistry/files/dentistry/application_checklists_fall2019_dmd_va.pdf
  5. I am high waitlisted for western and haven't heard anything so so far HWL hasn't cleared
  6. Hey! Thank you Yes I am as I haven't heard from the other school I was waitlisted at
  7. OOP waitlist has reached number 7 today (Aug 2)! Good luck everyone!
  8. Got the same email. It appears on the schulich website they have post admission document deadlines: one is the police check self declaration due on July 3 (official police check due august 1) and the other is the official transcript due on June 30 (yikes!) I had no idea. The rest due in October
  9. I know I can't believe it I called them yesterday and they said that's where OOP is still at
  10. Hi OVO-XO, do you mean when you email them they say that or are we supposed to get an email? I haven't received any email :? EDIT: I'm sorry nvm I just got an email. But no it didn't have any info unfortunately EDIT2: Haha okay this is so weird but I had to highlight the letter on student centre to see the words. If its like what u say then unfortunately I'm on the normal waitlist "... should any of the selected candidates decline the seat we offered them, replacements will be selected from applicants on the waiting list."
  11. Waitlisted too! GPA: I'm not quite sure- if it's best two years then I think around 3.96 DAT (AA/RC/PAT): 23/19/17 Interview performance (personal opinion): I felt I did so bad because my interviewers didn't really have any expression so I thought they must not like me. ABS/PS: I think this was the best part of my application. I spent a good time writing it had many experiences (work dental shadowing volunteering ECs research also living in developing country) IP/OOP: IP Year: 4
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