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  1. Hi everyone i was just wondering if the online courses taken at Athabasca University are considered when applying to Western?
  2. Hi everyone I will be applying in September, with one year over the cut-off (conditional). My GPA is a mid-low 3.7. I was hoping that I could get advice if I should be optimistic. I have read on this site how people have received an acceptance on a conditional basis with a low 3.7. I'm working on the abs right now, with some long-term commitments. From this, I am getting a lot of anxiety lately, to the point where I get shortness of breath when I randomly think about this, as I feel not good enough. Also, any success stories would be lovely, as well as advice. Thank you
  3. Hello everyone! Just a quick question. I understand that this may not be possible, however if one has a 3.04 cgpa (undergrad) and a high CARS score, and possibly aces the casper. Will the chances be fairly decent? I've seen posts about people getting invites with 3.3's . Any help would be lovely. Thank you anyone who replies!
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