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  1. Depends on what you're going for. Canadian or American DAT. Personal opinion, Crusher all the way. It covers everything you need to know and is representative of the cDAT. Best of luck bro
  2. Based off the stats for this Nov's DAT, it seems like a looot of people did really well. How big of a difference does it make in terms of applications if you have someone with a 23AA vs someone with a 25AA?
  3. I agree with Sam. Don't overlook a 23AA - you probably beat out 90% of the test-takers right there. 87-88% is more than plenty (probably the average acceptance GPA for UWO, imo). I don't think there's a reason for you to retake :). Keep it up!
  4. They typically email you your scores, along with a table showing the distribution of scores. Hang tight - I expect them to send them out sometime next week before Christmas.
  5. Look through your email. It will be in the one sent by the CDA thanking you for purchasing/confirming your test date (date will probably be addressed ~ Sept 11th). Your confirmation number will be squished in with a bunch of other codes halfway through the email, so just look through em slowly.
  6. I don't know about you guys, but the exam version I got just felt much easier all around :/.
  7. Didn't get one either so far... :/ Hopefully they'll let us know soon, with either an interview or a rejection.
  8. I'm expecting a response, latest by this upcoming Tuesday. Let's see how it goes this time around
  9. I got it. Kinda odd but we'll see how it goes.
  10. I think... they accept up to ~5 (so that equates to 10% of their class size) per year. Their past year stats, I think they had ~15-20 OOP students get interviews. But I think between 2016-2018, they've consistently only given admission to maybe 3-4 OOP students/year, and maybe 2-3 of them actually accepted the offer.
  11. I submitted early (well, at least i hope i did since i'm not 100% sure if they received my transcripts in time... but I sent them in mid Aug, like 12 days ahead of Aug 31st). Did you get a response?
  12. Anyone think the interview invites are gonna come out in waves until Friday?
  13. Hey man, I got you. On the CDA website, go onto the section in regards to the DAT. Next, you should a dropdown bar of sort that has 'Orders and Requests' - you'll have to enter your personal info and will then be prompted to submit your scores to your schools of choice. Cheers
  14. Oops, my apologies. Yea, Oct 3rd and Oct 17th (wow, that's a looooot earlier than what I recalled). They'll probably give us 2 weeks (at most) in advance. So hopefully, we'll get a response by the end of this week :3
  15. Doesn't seem like it... I recall reading on their admission page that invitations are sent out first-second week of October. Hang in there, bro
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