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  1. The rubric does not specify tearfulness during patient encounters. I’ve known far too many sadistic preceptors who enjoyed harassing medical learners to the point of tears, then failing them on the basis of unprofessionalism for daring to cry while they’re being harassed.
  2. The advantage to standardized LORs is that we will finally have data available to quantify the effect of discrimination (on the basis of sex, race, family status, and disability) on applicants in the residency selection process. This is precisely what organizations like #MedicineToo need in order to prove (and thus combat) discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in medical education. What I wasn’t expecting is that the rubric itself would be written in such a way as to be discriminatory on its face. At least they’ve revealed what we always knew.
  3. So, it appears that as of this year(?), family medicine programs will be evaluating applicants based on structured LOR rubrics instead of traditional LORs. A few days ago, a sample rubric was posted on twitter. It was widely criticized for being discriminatory and/or otherwise problematic. In response to the backlash, CaRMS and the CCFP rushed to distance themselves from it. We still do not know exactly who was involved in drafting the rubric, but it appears to be the severely misguided brainchild of the AFMC and all 17(?) family medicine program directors, who have pledged to revise
  4. Yes. Taking a medical leave of absence definitely complicates things (which can exacerbate the stress of being ill). Medicine is a very ableist field and some med schools unlawfully discriminate against students with disabilities. Doctors really need to catch up with the law!
  5. FM. Stay away from Peds. You won't survive the residency!
  6. Problem is that it can be hard for patients to find a psychiatrist who is willing to do extensive psychodynamic therapy -- especially in a smaller town. The wait list can be extensive. If OHIP covered other providers, patients could have better access and greater choice. Although perhaps all this COVID stuff will normalize therapy over videoconference as an option for people in smaller towns. I totally agree with you about CBT being overrated. It was kind of a fad that took hold (complete with self-help books) and then they tried to shove it indiscriminately down everybody's throat becaus
  7. I think there should be an exception to the cap for physicians who have training in psychodynamic therapy. Very few physicians have this type of training anyway (and probably next to no GPs). But the ones that do should be able to offer unlimited OHIP-covered psychodynamic therapy to their patients. This is really a tiny subset of patients anyway. But in general I think the patient population would be better served if OHIP dollars were shifted to covering other trained psychodynamic therapy providers (particularly clinical psychologists) rather than funding unlimited, non-specific "supportive
  8. Lots of generic frat boy hairstyles from what I recall.
  9. You know, at this point I'm thinking I should just post all my evidence online. Guess if I'm held in contempt of court, they can go ahead and put me in jail. But they can't silence me.
  10. Update on my sexual harassment case against a NOSM faculty member. (In case you're wondering how it's going: I'm suing the Attorney General now...) https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/human-rights-tribunal-of-ontario-seals-sexual-harassment-testimony-against-powerful-doctor-880256512.html Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario Seals Sexual Harassment Testimony Against Powerful Doctor Tribunal breaking the law to bury testimony transcript in historic #MeToo case SUDBURY, ON, Sept. 22, 2020 /CNW/ - Dr. Ana Safavi is taking her sexual harassment complaint against a powerful s
  11. IMO, this should not be permitted. It's ripe for corruption. At the very least, a program that keeps losing residents probably shouldn't be getting extra spots...
  12. Look beyond the university campus altogether...
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