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  1. your stats are litty! I would try shadowing at a dental office this summer if you haven't already
  2. Accepted/rejected/waitlisted: Accepted GPA: 3.8 IP/OOP: IP ABS: lots of shadowing with my local dentist and plenty of ec's Year: 4th
  3. Thanks for the positive vibes m8. My cringe attacks following my interview haven't ceased lol I can't help it. Just gotta be optimistic I guess.
  4. I'm not quite sure when UofT deposits are due, but if there were some people who got accepted into UofT, who interviewed at Schulich, but later decide to go with UofT, that might help with waitlist movement/acceptances.
  5. How has your perspective on life/character changed from the summer before dental school till now? What was the experience like (the good and the bad) compared to undergrad? What are some new things you learned about yourself?
  6. If you were to estimate, what percent of interviewees have interviewed at med/have med as their first choice?
  7. How much was waitlist movement last year? I heard that the year before, the WL moved 38 spots, so maybe there is hope lol.
  8. Is there any information on how many applicants were interviewed at UWO for this cycle?
  9. I've got to say, every single UWO DDS student blew me (and my family) away with their friendly welcome. It really is like a family over there and they did a great job of reassuring us before we interviewed. They were definitely the highlight of my interview weekend!
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