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  1. Hello. I hope you're all doing well. I have a question about preparing for the MCAT. In my undergrad degree, I did none of the basic science courses in physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, or biochemistry (I did take a human anatomy and physiology course, and a full year of pathophysiology). While mulling over how to approach these to prepare for the MCAT, I found that Thompson River University in BC offers online, self-paced courses that I could take with or without the lab component, which seems like ideal preparation for my circumstances. I did highschool level chemistry, so I'd take the
  2. Hello everyone. I hope you're all doing well. I was wondering if anyone here had any advice or input on a plan I've developed over the last few months. I graduated from nursing school in 2020 with a solid, but not outstanding GPA (3.88 on the OMSAS scale, 3.89 if you count summer courses), and since then I've been mulling over what the best approach for medical school might be. One thing that stood out to me while looking at schools out west is that the 5 schools between BC and Manitoba (UBC, U of C, U of A, U of S, U of M) all appear to grant in-province status to applicants from the NW
  3. Hello. I have a question about applying for accomodations with the MCAT. I've been diagnosed with ADD, I have a medical diagnosis and an educational assessment from a psychologist to that effect, and she recommended accomodations. My degree was in nursing, and throughout the degree I did not need extra time on tests evaluations. However, I've been taking basic science courses that were not part of my degree to prepare for the MCAT, (I'm basically doing a DIY post-bacc: Chem 1/2, physics 1/2, bio 1/2, organic chem and biochem) at a university as a part time student, and now I have been using th
  4. Hello everyone. I was wondering how long I'd need to be living in a northern area for my context score to be valued favorably? Right now I'm quite certain that however my context score is tabulated, mine will be 0: I grew up in Toronto, studied in Toronto, and lived in Sudbury for a few years but ended up moving back to Toronto when that was done. I finished my nursing degree last year at Ryerson (cGPA 3.89) and I've been working as an RN on a general medicine unit, but in the next few months I'll be moving up to the NWT, for a 1 year contract in an ER. I think nursing up there is a really fan
  5. Hey everyone. I hope you're all doing well, and staying safe under the current quarantine. Just finished my fourth and final year of nursing school. I was wondering how my application looked now that I'm done with my undergrad: OMSAS GPA: 3.88 (3.89 if you count summer courses). No academic awards or scholarships, aside from deans list all 4 years. I also wasn't doing a full course load in my 2nd or 4th years: in 2nd year I did 4 courses each semester, and in 4th I did 4 in 1st and 2 in 2nd. The reason for this was that I had clinical placements in these years that commanded large amounts
  6. Hello everyone. I hope the summer has been going well for you all, and that those of us starting up again in September feel well-rested and prepared to take on the challenges of a new semester. I'm starting the 4th year of a nursing degree, and unfortunately my program did not include the foundational courses in physics, chemistry, or biochemistry, (although I did take courses in English, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, and psychology). My most recent experience with physics and chemistry was when I completed the high-school-level courses in 2016. What would be the best way to go
  7. I think I know how you feel. I'm 24 years old, and I've had a lot of moments where I feel the same as you (I'll be 25 when I finish my undergrad), but the way I see it, when I'm 60 or 70 years old and looking to retire, I'm going to feel pretty silly about not trying to do something I really wanted because I thought I was too old in my mid-twenties. By the way, I'm doing a nursing undergrad, I still have one year to go, and my oldest classmate in my year (that I know of) is in her mid 40s and has a couple of kids. And you know what? I'd say that she's a better student and care provider than th
  8. I was thinking, maybe we should update that flow chart on the first page of this thread? It's over 10 years old at this point, and the grades you need to be competitive now are appreciably higher than they were in 2008. I'm going into my fourth year of undergrad, and I'm planning on applying only to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine this year because I haven't written the MCAT yet and I want to take some time after I graduate to prepare for it. I'm doing a nursing undergrad at Ryerson, so I didn't take the bio/chem/organic chem/math/physics courses, needed for it, and I need to go
  9. As I understand it, the grade weighting at U of T is based on the course load for the years you were doing your degree. If every semester of every year of your degree was done with a full course load (they define this as 5 courses per semester), then you should be eligible for the weighted GPA. If the prereqs weren't taken on a full-time basis, they're not going to be counted in your GPA by U of T.
  10. I hate to sound like I'm giving you a cop-out answer, but it's hard to say because a lot of schools calculate things their own way. There isn't a single standard that applies to all schools in Canada, or even all schools in province. Some schools offer a weighted formula based on course load, others look at all undergrad course work regardless of status, others still only take specific years. To give you some examples: U of T: only looks at course work done during an undergrad degree. If every semester of every year was completed with a minimum of 5 courses, however, you're eligible for
  11. Hello everyone, I hope you're enjoying these last few weeks before classes start up again. I have a question about the possible benefits and drawbacks of conducting research abroad. A professor at my university is preparing a team of students to conduct a nursing research study in Brazil, for three months next summer, through MITACS. In the interest of gaining research experience, I've applied to be a research assistant on this team. However, I'm wondering if the amount of time I'll have to commit to it wouldn't be better spent elsewhere? I'm working on getting my Portuguese up to a passable
  12. Hello everyone, I hope you've all had a safe and enjoyable long weekend. I'm starting this thread to ask about what I can do to improve my application while I'm still an undergrad student, and provide an opportunity for other undergrads to share advice and experiences on what they can do to strengthen their application. I'm going into my third year of undergraduate study (Nursing at Ryerson), and I'm wondering what I can do to round out my application while I've still got a few years to do so. In terms of academics, my overall OMSAS GPA is 3.85 (3.86 with summer courses). Year 1 was 3.78,
  13. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you; my first year was a full course load (7 first, 6 second), but in my second year I did 4 and 4. I've emailed a few medical schools about this that use a weighted GPA formula (UBC and U of T), and they've all told me that they give you a section on their application forms to explain your situation if you think you deserve to have the weighted GPA formula applied. So you still get the chance to explain why you think you deserve the wGPA, they may be willing to apply a wGPA formula anyway. However, it's entirely up to them whether they do it or not, and at
  14. I have a fairly specific query related to course load: does anyone know if clinical placements that are part of my program can be used to reach a full course load? I'm a nursing student in my second year of school, and for this year, I took a few courses over the summer, and now from September to April I'm in 4 courses (each one is a full year course), and my clinical placements are considered a part of one of those courses (it's not like other schools where the clinical placements are their own pass/fail component). What I'm wondering is, can my clinical placements be counted to reach a full
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