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  1. I knew of a friend who did this, journalist to MD, but in the UK and managed to get on advance program.
  2. Damn - that's the only reason I didn't apply for the program and now its being axed lol
  3. Agreed and I wish a number of doctors I have interactions with as a patient had brought this type of personality into the room :-)
  4. If you can get in a good habit with bulk cooking and freezing it s a game changer, but it can a while to get your head around sinking that much initial free time into the process, you just need to persevere!
  5. I think it is good to show you have thought about your future career options going forward, especially if you are coming to this from and informed and well researched perspective.
  6. You can still be introverted and have the requisite professionalism and communication skills to be a fantastic doctor for sure. Know a lot f successful medical professionals who could be defined as introverts.
  7. A friend of mine used BeMo as well for their MMI prep and they were really happy wit their services as well. Don't know anyone who has used the other company so I can't say anything about them,
  8. I love the world service!!!!
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