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  1. Most people end up in Milledgeville because it's close to campus and the hospital, but if you want something with more character and walking distance to shops and restaurants join us uptown!
  2. Dal uses a point system to score your application MCAT is worth up to 10 points out of a possible 100, so it won't sink your application if you're at the cutoff
  3. I really think you guys need to take a step back. These students posted their letters on Facebook, and were enrolled at Dalhousie. They clearly weren't trying to keep their admission a secret from anybody. And how could they? Their colleagues in pharm would clearly know if they dropped out for medicine. If they unknowingly broke the rules, yes, they should have their offers rescinded. But labeling them unethical and calling for them to be blacklisted is cruel. I feel very sorry for them if this is what happened. Imagine you're in their shoes - you thought you followed all the rules, you g
  4. Really want to echo this. The admissions committee knows their rules better than anyone, and they've already said they're looking into it. Banding together on incomplete information is really just a recipe for disaster. Imagine there's been a misunderstanding... then all that's been accomplished is further antagonizing students who should still, and rightfully, be celebrating.
  5. For clarity, did these students start in 2018? Because 100% I think that's wrong if they didn't disclose that year of education on their applications. Otherwise I'd really lean towards giving them the benefit of the doubt that they didn't know about the rule or that they got contradictory information from the admissions office. Clearly they didn't think they were doing anything wrong if they posted their letters on FaceBook haha.
  6. Yeah, I definitely see your frustration. Looking back at those quotes again, they do specify that if you're enrolled you'd need to finish the degree. Since they started September 2019 (2018?) they were definitely enrolled before they finished the Dal med application, which is a bit shady. If I'm being honest though, I think it's pretty unreasonable for med schools to expect students to apply only in their final year or only during a gap year. The odds of getting in are so poor they shouldn't punish students for having a backup plan. It really hurts everyone when really bright individuals
  7. "Students who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate studies programs at the time of application and who receive an admissions offer will be required to successfully complete their program of study before beginning the undergraduate medical education curriculum. If the degree program is not completed, the admissions offer is rescinded. Thus, it is expected that students will apply during their last year of study. " "Students who are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate studies program at the time of application will be required to successfully complete the program before. It is e
  8. I looked into MUN but I don't think I qualify because I didn't take any English in university. The 6 credit requirement seems pretty arbitrary. I consider myself fairly well read, and I took AP English back in high school for whatever that's worth.
  9. That's good to know! I guess that goes two ways though - is there even any point applying to OOP schools?
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