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  1. I'm a bit confused as to how you get paid in the US. If you share 0% overhead with the office in the US, and you gross $1500-2000 a shift USD... how do you end up netting $900-1000 per shift? I thought the overhead was 0%? Is the difference of $600-1000 all for malpractice insurance?
  2. It wouldn't affect your chance of coming back to Canada at all. Once you've graduated from an ACGME residency, you'll be able to apply for a license in Canada by virtue of having graduated from an ACGME residency and meeting provincial requirements. Whether you fit the criteria to get your license is another matter entirely.
  3. A more strategic thing you might consider is doing a short 1-2 years in a community in the North. This may count towards 3-5 years ROS depending on how remote this is. You'd have to talk to someone from the MOH and come up with some kind of contract. This type of thing can be done in the other provinces so I'm assuming it's the same for Ontario. If you then decide to leave after the initial gig up North for 1-2 years, the fine may not be as much (then it would be more like 50k a year for the remaining years). Some food for though.
  4. It's about 250,000 dollars. Know a guy who left for BC after Ontario training and paid that amount. You might be able to decrease the amount of years owed for ROS if you agree to work in under served communities, usually pretty far up North.
  5. Are you sure you need an additional year? I have friends in the boat as you who came back to Ontario to practice general IM without needing additional training.
  6. In the US, there's no doubt DOs will have preference over IMGs. In Canada, probably not as DOs are considered IMGs now. That being said, the majority of Canadians in USDO schools end up doing residency in an ACGME program in the USA, they then return to Canada through reciprocity agreements such as with family med, or work to practice program (province dependent) in the specialties. It really is not as hard or as bad as you think. The main road block appears to be the rat race that is the CaRMs match. The moment you have an ACGME accredited residency behind your back, the Canadian institu
  7. http://www.carms.ca/en/residency/r-1/eligibility-criteria/provincial-criteria/nova-scotia-new-brunswick-pei/ USDOs now eligible for IMG match in Nova Scotia!
  8. You are not screwed. Apply to DO med schools. You'll be in first year by this time next year. Try Touro California, and Western University Pomona. All in California.
  9. I would strongly encourage you to drop that B. Don't worry about the financial aspect of it. It may seem like a bit now, but that is a small price to pay compared to years of GPA repair to bring it back up to 3.9+. Not too many schools give you the "full course load" discount. Certainly not for US schools.
  10. Good day to you and your family You really have to work on your patience and a better bedside manner than your behavior here. Not everyone trying to help you is "mocking you", it certainly was not my intention. What do I care? I'm done with my training, and just trying out help out other premeds going through a similar thing I went through. Some might think the experience I offer is of value, in your case, if it feels like a dog's fart in the wind, forget everything I said then. You shouldn't take every critique or comment that doesn't conform to your pre-held views so negatively. A
  11. Knowing the hardships of the IMG routes now, are you still so gung-ho about going to the UK and somehow ending up in Neurosurgery in Canada? You don't need a DO letter of recommendation for most schools. It's still not too late for you to reconsider the DO option
  12. It might matter for calculation of cGPA. I did something similar to this. Went to another institute other than my degree-granting institute to finish off some prereqs for US schools. But if the point is to get the necessary prereqs, it doesn't matter.
  13. USDO would be an excellent option. Yes, you would get a seat without any problem (assuming you did the application/interview correctly).
  14. To the OP, out of curiosity, what exactly is it about USDO schools that turned you away from it? With your current stats, you basically have a DO spot. But if you insist on a US/CAD MD, it could take many more cycles, or it could be forever out of your reach. It's not the 1990s anymore, a DO degree can allow you to practice in Canada after US residency training, just as a US MD would allow you. There are no provincial restrictions anymore for USDOs in Canada, you get full practice rights in all provinces, just like the MD degree. If you are interested in something simple like family me
  15. I would strongly recommend against the Caribbean or any international options. See my thread on my signature. It's basically tailor made for situations such as this
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