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    lightning1994 reacted to Vivieeeeeee in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted (London Campus)
    Timestamp:  May 14 around 10AM
    2 yr GPA: 3.96
    MCAT:  CARS 129 total 518 

    Interview: I felt it could have gone better with regard to a few questions in the middle but I had a very strong start with my introduction + initial questions with some of my more personal experiences and I think that grabbed the interviewers' attention from the get-go. I did not shy from using a traumatic past experience to demonstrate how I grew as a character and chose medicine as a result. Hence, I don't agree how many people on forums strongly discourage people from sharing intimate moments or even calling such applicants "damaged goods" (which is extremely rude, judgmental, and insensitive). It's all about how you present your story. If you want to sob and hope they pity accept you then you will not get in. I stayed composed at my interview although I cried many times during mock interviews because of how traumatic it was for me to recall the whole incident. But on interview day I wanted to show them I truly grew from my past and what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger and even more ready to accept the challenges of medicine. And they resonated.
    CanMEDS are always good references but sometimes it is impossible to cover all of them in the span of one interview. I think it's more important to be genuine instead of polished. The interview is meant to show the human side of you, not the robotic stat side of you. 
    My EC's were heavily community-service focused including servicing many underprivileged populations in my local community. That gave me a lot of material to expand on during the interview (and perhaps contributed to my lack of interviews at UofT, Queens, and Ottawa, yikes since I didn't have the most leadership and research). 
    I hope this information proves to be helpful without breaching confidentiality of the interview (I understand I am not supposed to and will not leak questions + content) - mods if that is the case please let me know and I will abridge it. 
    Geography: IP, Non-SWOMEN
    Already firmly accepted the offer on OMSAS.
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    lightning1994 reacted to rmorelan in What to wear at interview?   
    Plus what you wear to the interview may influence how you are feeling about the interview and thus you performance - it may not be their unconcious bias that matters. It could be yours.
    There is a lot of this indirect stuff in interview psychology that croups up - which is why I think it is important to go to the interview in clothes you don't think someone would judge you negatively for ha. They may not care at all about your clothes but you might be then - and that distracts you from doing your best, and in turns makes it more likely your fears will manifest. 
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    lightning1994 reacted to isitlunchtimeyet in BHSc vs BMSc   
    You can do an undergrad in literally anything, be it BMSc to philosophy to opera performance. Please decide what you do your undergrad in purely based on interest, not what will look best to medical schools. Rather, I imagine taking an unconventional route makes you stand out more during the application process, making you more competitive. I agree with the above posters that difficulty of the program is also something to consider so you can get the highest GPA possible. 
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    lightning1994 reacted to betterlattethannever in Western interview invites/regrets 2019   
    I don’t usually post, but seeing what you’ve said thus far, I think you need a reality check.
    You’ve vented about how unfair the system is, how you’re tired of applying for 3 cycles. Yet you’ve applied with your 125 CARS for multiple cycles now, obviously banking solely on your SWOMEN status and being admitted into western. This year you didn’t get an interview (which I know, is a horrible feeling and I’m sorry for that), yet I find it somewhat ironic that you’re complaining about the unfair Canadian med system with your 125 CARS, while the non-SWOMEN cutoff is a 128.
    You’ve also said that you don’t know how to improve your app. I think the answer is pretty clear here - rewrite your MCAT. You said it yourself, your score precludes you from queens and Mac. I know it sucks right now, but seriously, stop feeling sorry for yourself and grind harder if this is truly what you want.
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    lightning1994 reacted to Tip4Scool in Western interview invites/regrets 2019   
    Why haven't the people who are angry with UWO been leading a campaign against the other Medical Schools until now? 

    Queens hasn't told anyone anything. Seems very arbitrary...
    McMasters and Ottawa both look at CASPer, which is 100% more random than an ABS... 

    Like Western identified that their current selection criteria were not getting the pool they wanted. They changed it. That is their right to do. There is no legal protection for the applicant. ESPECIALLY when UWO explicitly states that they publish the cycle's requirements AFTER invites. 

    I understand that it sucks for people who did not get invited. But identifying why, and planning to address it is a way healthier and will better serve you, than threatening legal action against the school you are trying to impress.
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    lightning1994 reacted to tavenan in Western interview invites/regrets 2019   
    Western's previous over-reliance on quantitative objectives has resulted in some barely-functioning manchildren being in my class since year 1, and judging from the replies in this thread (legal action l.o.l), the new system is keeping many such people out, so I'm all for it.
    Perhaps it's time for an attitude adjustment and self reflection if you think you're entitled to anything in this game. 
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    lightning1994 reacted to Instagrammar in Western interview invites/regrets 2019   
    If people are wanting to take legal action regarding a single medical school rejection, then I think admissions is doing their job correctly in keeping you out. 
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    lightning1994 reacted to JohnGrisham in Western interview invites/regrets 2019   
    Problem with your logic is that you think the system is goofed up or that the incoming class is somehow "screwed".
    They aren't. The wheels will keep turning and those that get in will continue along the process with zero functional difference. Just so happens John Doe took a seat instead of you. Got in on slightly different requirements/process but equally as qualified and capable of doing well in medicine.
    Dont get sucked into a false sense of superiority by having a marginally better GPA or MCAT score.  
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    lightning1994 reacted to JohnGrisham in Western interview invites/regrets 2019   
    They definitely should have said this upfront or made an announcement "for next cycle onwards.." type of thing. BUT it is well within their right to do so and change it, but would be professional and prudent to give some sufficient notice. 

    I would strongly caution "law" in this matter. Schools reserve the right to do anything they want whenever they want, its in the fine print.   You wont have a leg to stand on. 

    It's just surprising that Western would make a big change without an announcement! 

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    lightning1994 reacted to Hypercalcemia in Western interview invites/regrets 2019   
    The reality is that there is a limited number of spots and not everyone who 'deserves' a spot can receive one. The system can really feel like a lottery.
    That being said, it might be worth doing some serious self-reflection if you're upset enough to be threatening legal action despite receiving calls from other schools.
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    lightning1994 reacted to jr2 in Official May 8 Countdown Thread   
    The Ontario application process is soooo long...my friends and family have started to laugh when they ask and I tell them I still don't know the final result. 
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    lightning1994 reacted to Naruto in Official May 8 Countdown Thread   
    Leafs were eliminated. They were supposed to distract me until may 8th :(
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    lightning1994 reacted to SWOWOMAN in Can't login on the Western MD application system   
    Imagine reading while you're on the admissions committee, and thinking to yourself, "why are are these people all so neurotic"?
    I'm sure it means nothing but it's definitely interesting to know that different accounts were closed on different days. 
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    lightning1994 reacted to sci100 in Can't login on the Western MD application system   
    Haha sorry to throw things into a loop, but mine went down today too, but I'm near the beginning of the alphabet. This whole process of waiting is absolutely KILLING ME. May 8 needs to come sooner, so I don't go crazy with anticipation. 
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