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  1. Are you on the higher side of this poll? @Healthpolicy123
  2. Has anyone else copied the essay from a word document into the application and saw that it cuts out your indents??? And if so have people just left it like that or manually add spaces? Or tried copying from another program?
  3. Hi, I was wondering say you started an activity during undergrad 2 and you're still continuing it without being a student anymore, how do you put that in your supplements when it asks "years of study completed". Do you put undergrad 2- 4 & Non-student- present?
  4. Hi, I was wondering how does poster/oral presentations looks on award sections even though you may have not won any awards from them?
  5. Hi, So when it asks for years of study completed, I am wondering if started an activity during my third year in undergrad and I am still continuing it would I put undergrad 3- continue?
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