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  1. Result: Accepted off the waitlist!!!! Time stamp: 4:31pm Geography: IP GPA: 3.85 Degree: BSc MCAT: 510, CARS 125 ECs: Long and diverse. Things I loved and pursued opportunities that interested me. A variety of leadership and lots of work with people of diverse backgrounds. Some research (thesis; other research that interested me that was completely different from what my background was in). Interview: my first ever application and interview. I was myself the whole time and enjoyed it as much as I could. My advice, have fun and be you. I’m a quiet person so I
  2. Got an IP offer today at 4:31pm!!! So excited and keep refreshing my email because I’m scared it’s a mistake. My UCAN status has changed too but I’m on a mobile and can’t see the offer tab, do other people have one? beyond excited! Calgary has been my dream and I’m so happy to have this opportunity.
  3. Thanks for clarifying! It’s probably too small of a pool to have a good and bad waitlist.
  4. I was also waitlisted for CNFS! I had the same email as you did. Does anybody know how many CNFS interviews they did? I’m guessing they waitlist everyone that interviewed since I haven’t heard of a rejection in that stream.
  5. I’ve been looking at these forums for awhile and decided to jump in since I’m on the waitlist this year... Based on Dr. Walker’s blog (from a year or so ago), they send out 1.2 offers per spot. So if they have 157-159 spots that’s ~190 initial offers. If they average about 250 offers per year, is there about 60 waitlist offers sent out? I know it varies year to year and really we have no idea but just wanted to see if that makes sense to anyone else?
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