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    dumbgirl reacted to DEJ in DAT writing location in UofT   
    Normally, it is written in the Faculty of Dentistry building, which is right next to Toronto General Hospital
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    dumbgirl reacted to SK~ in DAT writing location in UofT   
    Hey, it’s usually conducted at U of T’s Faculty of Dentistry campus, which is a separate building not connected to the U of T St. George campus. I advise you to check the specific address on your DAT confirmation letter. 
    I wish you the best for your DAT.
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    dumbgirl reacted to OmSriSaiRam in DAT writing location in UofT   
    Yup, it’s written at St. George campus.
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    dumbgirl reacted to GlassHalfFull in UofT minimum GPA for an interview??   
    Previously yes but now they have introduced new selection criteria, so emphasis on GPA will be less starting this cycle.
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    dumbgirl reacted to Zaandrei. in What are the chances...?   
    You will need to do really well in the last two years and wait a year so that your final year will count toward schools which take only the best two years. Doing a 3rd year will allow you to apply to more schools which drop your worst year.

    Those two years so far will not get you in Ontario; maybe the rest of Canada, I'm not up to date with the stats anymore...
    Roam around the forums - you will see what people are getting accepted in with... you can get a good sense of the ball park you should be in
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