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  1. Nice weather, yes, but you’re shutting down your chances of working in the USA if you choose to. I would never pick Australia over Sask even if it was cheaper.
  2. Like they say, the grass is always greener man, I say go for it! Everything you're saying is 100% spot on
  3. If anyone has done the nutrition program at Ottawa, please send me a PM, I have a question to ask you Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, due to personal reasons, I was only able to take 4 classes each semester and 1 class in the summer in my first year. If I take a full course load (5 classes/sem) for the next 2 years and 1 class in the summer of second year (for a total of 90 credits) will I be able to apply to all schools where they allow 3rd year applicants? Thank you.
  5. Has anyone done the Nutrition program at Ottawa U? Is it doable to get a real high GPA (9.5+ if you study a lot)? What type of classes do you take and what type of examinations? A lot of essays? Exams? compared to let's say biomedical sciences is it harder or easier? Any input would be helpful as I am thinking of switching to nutrition starting fall 2018. Thank you
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