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  1. Hey guys, I’m IP and was accepted this morning as well. Just posting because I know how hard the wait is and how unsettling it is to have questions that are unanswered. So yes the IP waitlist has already moved, and deadline to reply is June 4th. So hopefully you guys hear something around that time. Good luck everybody!
  2. Nothing! Last year when I called, they started offering before the deadline and one at a time but this year looks like they're waiting until after the 25th? Anybody call the admissions office yet or no?
  3. Waitlisted for the second time GPA: 3.67 MCAT: 501 IP They factor in your current year to rerank you on the waitlist so there is no hope for me. I’m in another professional program and barely passing. Really disappointed and feeling lost interview: MMI was ok. Panel was one sided and not conversational.
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