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  1. Hi! Sorry for the dramatic title I'm a 4th year UG student. Just applied to OMSAS. Hopefully I get in somewhere so this won't matter, but in all likelihood I won't get in and so my 4th year marks will be taken into next year's calculation. My question is, when OMSAS calculates a years' worth of credits/courses/marks, do you need 2.5 credits (~5 classes) in each semester (to add to 5.0 total) OR can you have one semester of 2.0 credits (~4 classes) + one semester of 3.0 credits (~6 classes)? Is it all the same to them? I'm currently enrolled in a course and I am doing remarkably
  2. Hi guys! With the deadline right around the corner, I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to look over my reflective essay (especially current students!)! I'd also be happy to take a look at yours in return (current applicants obvs) if you'd like another pair of eyes on it! I know, I should've posted this a few weeks ago, but who doesn't like some last minute revision??
  3. Hi! Do we need to have the email and phone number for all references on the supp form? Can some only have email or only have phone number? Or do they all need both? Much thanks! (2-minus two weeks till deadline )
  4. No longer need this. Thanks for all the help!
  5. I literally applied with a 3.65 GPA (3rd year UG... I had 3 really horrendous 1st year classes that screwed me over) and I know I'm not getting in. I knew I didn't have a chance even before I applied, but I wanted to try the process. And even I still haven't received my rejection yet! So so so annoying #falsehopeofacademicexplanationsessay
  6. I saw the maritime connection essay on the Dal site when I was browsing, do you know about how GPA/MCAT are assessed? Is MCAT graded competitively?
  7. Hi there! I'm looking into applying to Dal next cycle. I just applied to Mac and UofT and (no from mac, haven't heard from toronto but probably no too) and so I'm looking into Dal. I'm wondering how their application is weighted. I know they do interviews in October for the top ~60 OOP and then you get a score, but how are MCAT/GPA/supplementary app assessed? is MCAT competitive or a cutoff? If you have ties to the maritimes is that good for your app? My last 2 years GPA will be about 3.92, and I got 515 on the MCAT. So my app would be greatly helped if other factors influenced it
  8. Right off the bat, I'll say that the one big thing I'm very glad I did was dedicate a couple months to the MCAT without having a full-time job. I know a lot of people need to hold a full-time job whilst studying for the MCAT, but personally I am so glad that I took a very light work schedule in the summer (less than 20h per week) and then spent most of my days just studying. That way my days weren't too super long. I wrote the MCAT at the start of august and started studying at the start of May, including a whole week of where i didn't look at my books at all and just read the Harry Potter boo
  9. In case anyone is in a similar situation, I emailed UofT and they suggested I send the message through SAM. Though they said it may or may not be read at all.
  10. I realized that for my academic explanations essay, i wrote that a single class lowered my GPA by a certain amount of points (say 1.7). This was an error and I accidentally moved the decimal point over! I meant to write that it lowered my GPA by .17 ! How should I contact UofT to let them know? Should I use SAM or send the admissions office an email directly? Because for my mark to have been lowered by 1.7 would give me a GPA of over 4.0 clearly
  11. Do we need to provide a phone number for our verifiers (part of ABS, NOT reference letters)? Theres no * next to the telephone number option when you input a new verifier, so do we need it?
  12. Hi guys Quick question; sorry if its been asked before. I am applying for F19 entry and need to write CASPer but cant find my OMSAS ID number. I haven't submitted my app yet. Do I only get my number once i submit? And if so does that mean I can only write CASPer once I've submitted? Thanks! Good luck to everyone applying
  13. Hi everyone Im hoping to get into McMaster med this coming cycle. I'm also applying to UofT and another, but based on the way they accept, I'd be more likely to get in here (at McMaster) My question is about the city of Hamilton! How is it to live in? Is it really the armpit of Ontario? I come from downtown Toronto and right now study at Guelph, so obviously it is between those two, but is it really bad like I've heard? Hoping to convince my S/O who is a musician to come live with me instead of more long distance, but he'd much rather stay in Toronto for obvious reasons
  14. I would not spend $2000 on rent! Being from Toronto, yes the rates are high, but it all depends on what you want. Are you okay with a basement apartment? Are you fine with just having a room in a house? Are you fine living over a shop? If you answer yes to any of these then you don't need to spend $2000. $2000 would get you a nice apartment in a new condo downtown that frankly, as a med student, you don't need unless you have a family or really need to be over the top. If you're comfortable living with someone (i.e. each have your own room but you share kitchen etc.) then you can find a
  15. wHOOPS i definitely need to work on being more concise. The 250 word essays are definitely going to be a challenge for me
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