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  1. Hey! I'm pretty sure that won't disqualify you since on average you'd have been working more than the 20 hours/week. You explain your circumstances in an essay and then of course you'd need your employer to state how much you've worked. Honestly though, I would leave out mentioning those weeks that were under the 20 hour minimum if they really were just single weeks here and there since the majority of your weeks were above that minimum. I hope this helps
  2. Hey guys, I’m a year away from applying but I was wondering what I should do. Should I apply through the access pathway or should I apply through the swomen pathway. Is there an advantage to applying as an access student over swomen since they both have the same minimum requirements? I know I’d be able to apply as an access student because I went through three years of cancer treatment during undergrad and I went to high school in Elgin county so that qualifies for swomen status. I’d love any input! Thanks
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