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  1. I review essays and do interview preps with very representable questions, send me a dm
  2. I have been reviewing a few personal statements and can review a few more send me a dm if interested
  3. Usually, UWA would host in person interviews in Canada. Past two years because of COVID they have just used CASPER to raise red flags and the decision will be mostly based off GPA/DAT.
  4. I went to Waterloo. You need to have 6/10 courses in your 3rd/4th year being at 300 or 400 level. And yes, these 6 courses need to be 0.5 credits. For Example (this is what I took): 3A -BIOL 301, BIOL 359, BIOL 439, ECON 101, HRM 200 3B -BIOL 302, BIOL 360, BIOL 373 (+ 373L), GEOG 207, REC 100 4A -BIOL 303, BIOL 354, BIOL 462, ANTH 204, PSYCH 211 4B -BIOL 355, KIN 146, KIN 310, KIN 408, PSYCH 257, ANTH 100 You can pm me if you have any further questions.
  5. 1. Apply to Western for class of 202X. and some USA schools (this route is more expensive) 2. If you do not get in, you will have time to apply to Australian schools (Melb, Syd, UWA) I'd only do #2 if you can financially do it, want to get into dentistry asap (i.e. you don't want to take a year off to work / apply to Canada again) and any other factors that are personal to you.
  6. Did anyone else apply for a second year transfer? There are two seats available and results should be out next week.
  7. For Syd you are pretty competitive since they look mostly at GPA I believe! Good luck this cycle.
  8. It is very hard to say right now but everything changes on a day to day basis. It will be their summer in January so hopefully COVID-19 cases decrease a little and they open their borders up. It is unfortunate that Sydney did not transition to online for international students.
  9. We have a Facebook group for Australian applicants in the 2021 intake cycle. Message me and I will add you to it.
  10. I was accepted to Melbourne this cycle with 3.93 (weighted 3 years) and a 23 AA DAT. -to note based on what you said, they would just do your last 3 years doesn't matter the second year courses you took in last year I also interviewed at UWO with a 3.98; however, they are more holistic and you need to have a good personal statement. Hope this helps you and future applicants.
  11. Fast block of polyspermy for sea urchins. You will not find this on any resource for the DAT. This is knowledge from taking Developmental Biology courses in university.
  12. I wrote Casper twice now, it is straight forward. Just do the two practice tests on the Casper website and write down some personal experiences you can use for certain traits. Most of the questions are situational based anyways and just ask for your advice. We have a Facebook group for Aus dental applicants for 2021 intake. PM me if you want to join.
  13. Australia has its benefits. I heard from various peers you get way more clinical experience than uoft/western, which I prefer. Yes it is about 100-150k more, but in my position, I would rather get into a dental school as soon as I can (January 2021) instead of waiting another year because I have a practice set up for me when I am done the 4 years.
  14. Your GPA is fine. If you are writing the DAT for first time do your best to make sure your RC is above the minimum (18). To do decent on the DAT (20+), 2-3 months is all you need it is not a hard test you just have to know as much as you can and practice. My advice to you is that you should focus on yourself and don't worry about other people's stats or extracurriculars. I know people with high gpa/DATs that didn't even get to interview stage. The most important thing is meeting the minimum requirements and writing a good personal statement / answering the sketch questions well. If you wa
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