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  1. We have until May 19th to pay the deposit (which is surprising), if I am understanding correctly. Ontario decisions come out May 11th this year, so expect some WL movement then for sure!
  2. Posting late for information Result: Interview (MD) Time Stamp: Feb 2nd 12:10pm AST cGPA/wGPA: 3.80-3.82 (unsure how they calculated gpa with dropped winter 2020 semester) Year: 4th year undergrad MCAT: 509 (128/128/125/128) --- there's hope for 125 section scores! ECs: One written pub (fifth author), one oral presentation (second author). One summer of part time research, one summer of full time research with NSERC USRA. President of large society representing my faculty, coordinator of science outreach activities, lots of lifeguarding hours, teaching assistant, et
  3. Hi everyone, For the dal awards / achievements / research section, I have a few questions. Would it be stronger to list an award that I won at highschool graduation for leadership, or to include leadership awards that I was nominated for but didn't win in university? Also, does Dal consider publications that are "in preparation" or "submitted"? Thank you!
  4. Same here - especially with how Dalhousie does not run "full year courses" aka X/Y courses anymore (technically). So Ochem 1 and o chem 2 (which may have different professors, and have different assessments each semester, and you would receive one mark for each semester) would look the same on your transcript as a course that runs the full year (say an experiential learning course/honours that you only receive the grade for at the end of April). I'm curious as to whether they will have us submit course syllabi or links to the academic calendar so that they can make this distinction. *thi
  5. Hi all, I am listed as second author for a poster/abstract being submitted to a virtual conference this summer. I’m not sure of the specifics of the conference, but I will not actually be the one “presenting” the work, but I did contribute greatly (it was a collaboration between my lab and another lab at a different university). Is this something that would be appropriate for the “Research” section of the ABS in OMSAS applications? Sorry in advance if this is silly! The research section of the ABS is kind of a grey area for me so I thought I would ask!
  6. Final update from admissions, just wanted to keep everyone in the loop! "If we have included all senior level courses (3000/4000 level) then we will begin to include 2000 level course, selecting those with the highest grade first. This would also apply to 1000 level courses if required to make up the 60 credit hours." @fluffybunnyyyyy
  7. I got this reply today and I had a couple friends hear back today as well, seems like response time is roughly a week. Fourth year marks are only included if you apply after graduation, but I will be applying for the upcoming cycle.
  8. Just heard back from admissions: "To clarify, we will use your 20 most recent, senior level courses (equivalent to 60 credit hours) for GPA assessment, excluding the winter 2020 term. 4000 and 3000 level courses will be used first and then if needed to make up the 60 credit hours we will use 2000 level." As a third year student, I emailed back stating that I would only then have 15 courses at the 2000 level or higher, and asked what would be done: would my winter term of third year be included, or would my gpa be based off of those 15 courses alone? I am definitely concerned abo
  9. That's what I am having trouble with as well. Fingers crossed they are not referring to just 3rd and fourth year courses - doesn't really make sense anyway because people take tons of 2nd year courses in their third and fourth year (especially dal medical science students). I emailed admissions for clarification but no word back yet.
  10. Hi all, My MCAT score breakdown was 509 (128,128,125,128) so I'm wondering if it is worth it to apply to Western considering my bio section score, as an out of province applicant. I know cut offs change each year so I'm wondering if I have a shot or if it's not worth wasting the money to apply. Thanks!
  11. This term was looking like it would pull me up GPA wise so pretty bummed right now after seeing this. Any idea what they mean by 60 most recent senior level courses? Would that be last 20 courses completed regardless of year-level?
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