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  1. In my experience, the content you are learning in the first two years of dental school depending on where you go isn't that hard to begin with. It's the volume of material that you are expected to know which makes it quite difficult to do well. It's even worse when you are tested on the most random fact which you may think isn't testable during studying. But kudos to you for wanting to do well. I personally don't want to be in this whole GPA rat race once again just like we did in undergrad.
  2. Nobody knows how they evaluate and convert Canadian GPA into European system. I can confirm that some of the applicants that are accepted into 4 year program have MSc under their belt, but at the same time I have come across students who didn't. They also do prefer a very "science" based degree and you need quite a few health science courses such as anatomy, physiology etc to be accepted into their 4 year program. You seem to have an upward GPA trend which may work in your favour. Good luck!
  3. Call me naive but I always thought that Canadian NBDE isn't that hard to begin with. I guess I am in for a surprise in few years!
  4. yeah, research is always a good option but its something I did over last summer. We didn't get much clinical experience here where I go to school so I have been looking around practices that may mentor but I am having no luck. It's kinda hard to take a summer off because you are so used to being busy all the time.
  5. Based on my experience the second rounds comes out during April and May. Your application is valid till the start of school year and you can receive an offer even in late August if you are on the waitlist.
  6. What kind of work or jobs can a first year or even a second year dental student do over their summer? I hear shadowing or mentoring is out of question this year due to COVID. Please share your experiences below!
  7. Atlantic Bridge should be able to reserve you a place in the on campus residence. If you do get an option to pick a residence then go with Victoria Mills as this is the newly renovated building. In terms of off campus residence, the most famous one is Scholar Lee (you can google it) and it is where most of the Med and Dental students live after first year. Hope that help!
  8. Applied to all Irish Med School with 3.9GPA and was only accepted to one. Yeah, you read it correct! JUST ONE! and it wasn't RCSI. The point is you still need a decent GPA for overseas school.
  9. PM me with your stats. I'd be happy to answer your questions.
  10. Things will only get worse in post-covid era. The saturation will continue to grow and the dental corp will likely expand exponentially as many have mentioned above.
  11. Can a Aussie grad even apply to US for GPR? I thought US programs are reserved for Cad and US grads?
  12. First of all, Ireland has MBBS/MBBCH not MD. I don't know where you heard that an International Medical Graduate can get internships in Ireland without being an Irish citizen. It is possible, but as an international student you will be at the bottom of the list. On the side note, getting into Irish Med school is just as hard as getting into a North American school. Yes, they don't care much about GPA, but they do have other very vague requirements which nobody knows. In terms of DO, I don't know much about it and I am sure that other people can comment on that here. Best of luck!
  13. get work and volunteer experience so that you have something to talk about during the interview. Plan B doesn't hurt as well.
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