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  1. Not at all. Applications at the schools have only been increasing in the past few years. If anything with the downturn of oil and gas more people will lean towards medicine in the province
  2. Hello! You will only get your file review score if not admitted to the MD program. If not admitted you wont get your file review score until after the completion of the application cycle, which is usually some time during the summer
  3. Hello, Honestly it is very difficult to tell with UofC. Your GPA is low for an out of province applicant, which might hold you back a little bit. Your CARS score is competitive though so that's good! When it comes to UofC, a lot of the application comes down to how you actually write it. There is a huge emphasis put on the Top 10, which can make or break an applicant. I am not sure on the types of activities/experiences you intend to include, but I highly highly highly suggest you take a lot of time thinking about experiences that impacted you as a person and then even more time writing,
  4. Hi, If i were you, I wouldn't rewrite. Your GPA seems fine and if you write your extracurricular's well you should be fine. At the end of the day, any higher score, though beneficial to a small degree, wouldn't be the difference between you getting in or not. You are in a good place. If you have the means to write and the time, feel free though!
  5. I guess I can get this started. Result: Accepted (emailed at 4:13pm) but will be deferring Geography: IP GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 514 (126/128/131/129) Degree : BSc completed, MSc in progress EC: A lot of different diverse things! Hospital volunteering for 5+ years, undergraduate and masters research, various hobbies (model UN, dance), volunteering and heading a volunteer youth outreach group, various personal adversities Interview: Honestly, i felt really good coming out of the interview (cohort 1). I felt i properly got my points across, engaged a lot with the int
  6. I was accepted. We have to accept by May 25th
  7. Yeah. Mine changed to that a while ago. I cant remember when it changed.
  8. I interviewed yesterday (Feb 29th) and initially i felt pretty good. But the more i have been thinking about the interview the more i have been stressing out and unsure of my answers. You never know with these things, but i just know i am going to be in state of panic until invites/regrets come out in may
  9. Result: Invite wGPA: 3.91MCAT: 128 CARSECs: I included a couple of my volunteer roles that meant the world to me (community volunteer with vulnerable populations, hospital volunteering for 5+ years, a couple clubs that I enjoy) but I mostly focused on writing about specific life experiences I have had and how those have shaped me. I think it made a big difference. Year: MScGeography : IP Very excited since I didn't get an interview last year.
  10. http://mdadmissions.ucalgaryblogs.ca/ this is the link to the admissions blog. Ill copy/paste the post: A quick update for applicants. Most, but not all of the file reviews are done. The interview stations are just being completed now (and they are going to be really good this year). We anticipate making interview offers early in February. Likely around the 11th. We will be interviewing 576 people this year, which is about 72 more than we interviewed last year. Numbers of applicants keep increasing, so we want to make sure we get a chance to interact with as
  11. Last year they came out by the 19th of January. I don't know if it will be the same this year.
  12. I'm IP! But i dont think there would be a difference based on IP vs OOP would there?
  13. Mine changed 2 days ago to "Awaiting a decision regarding interviews"
  14. Hello, If you go to the UofC applicant manual on page 9 it highlights exactly what they consider to be in province students. You are only considered in province for UofC if you stayed in Alberta for study or employment during the summer months between winter and fall semesters. I am not sure about UofA's qualifications though.
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