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  1. Do we know what the accept/decline button on student centre means for waitlist people?
  2. lol what an absurd and ignorant comment.
  3. This year it looks like they only asked for SWOMEN transcripts, this is what they said in the pre-interview reminders email: "Applicants from Southwestern Ontario are required to provide an original high school transcript.". Also, when I arrived on interview day one of the first year med volunteers made a comment about me being SWOMEN when he saw my holding my transcripts.
  4. Also - can anyone shed light the application process? Is it difficult to get a spot?
  5. I've just accepted my offer on SAM and received the confirmation email for a submitted response. Does anyone have experience with how long it will take for it to be processed and the second email to be sent? Might I have to wait until the end of the long weekend for people to be back in office??
  6. Just got my offer this morning and am beyond excited!! Does anybody know why my campus would have been left unspecified? The offer was conditional on my final GPA, would that be it? Also, when have they sent out the campus assignment in past years? It says before May 30, but am hoping to know sooner.
  7. Result: Accepted (unspecified campus) Time: 10:27 am 2YGPA: 3.83 MCAT: 128/131/127/130 ECs: Couple research (no pubs), hospital volunteering, lots of committees, some athletics Interview: Went pretty smoothly, one interviewer was very positive and encouraging and another glared the whole time. Short - only 35 mins and first person done in my hallway! Geography: IP, SWOMEN Year: BScH 2018 If anyone has any more information on the unspecified campus thing please let me know!! I have a conditional offer (that I fulfilled) so maybe that has something to do
  8. waitlisted at Mac! does anybody know when we can expect Western? I thought it was going to be early but nothing yet.
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