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  1. Hello I know there are a lot of chemistry posts already but I am still a bit confused... If I take CHM151Y1 at UTSG first year, what other courses do I need to satisfy the chemistry requirement for US med schools (needing 1yr of general/inorganic chem, including 1 semester of biochem, and 1 yr of organic chem; all with labs)? Thank you!
  2. Hi guys! I love the community here and have a question regarding first yr course selection in life sci at UofT:) I want to double-major in Statistics as well as a life sci program. However, in trying to fit all my pre-reqs for US med schools (i.e. tri sci, psych, math), I've run out of space for pre-reqs for stat... Does anyone else have this problem? What should I do in this case? Any advice would be super helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you tons!!
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