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  1. Can someone who applied this cycle confirm the UWO conversion is 80+ = 4.0?
  2. Can someone who applied last year confirm that 80+ was a 4.0 on AMCAS as a UWO student? Also, do you just enter the % grade and they convert it to letter grade? I know there have been a lot of posts in the past but just wanted to check if it's still the same
  3. Damn dude, you weren't a Master's student? I've never seen anyone with that GPA get in. Guess that gives people some hope!
  4. Have people with low wGPAs gotten accepted? The average is ridiculously high, but I know that there are some success stories. I'd be applying with a wGPA of 3.75, but with stellar extra-currics and LORs. Realistically is there any hope?
  5. Anyone have any experience with rewriting the MCAT at a different time and scoring significantly better (not particularly due to extra practice)? Some people have told me that writing it at a time where less students are sitting or a less majority of "smart pre-meds" write gives u a better score on the curve i.e. don't write in August, write in June or early July. I thought this was bs but also at the point where I will do anything to help myself lol. Thoughts?
  6. @jeff123 Mind if I ask about your GPA? I have a similar one and am debating whether or not to apply for the next cycle. At this point, I wasn't going to and was hoping this coming year would give me a little bit of a boost. Did you write an academic explanation essay? I've just never seen anyone post about an acceptance with a GPA like that so I'm wondering how you did it! Anyone else ever heard of an acceptance with a GPA this low??! I know masters students are looked at differently but out of undergrad, I assumed you needed at least a 3.8+ Also can anyone tell me if the 3.6 minimum
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