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  1. Hey guys! Does anyone know if there is a facebook group for accepted students? I noticed this was something they did in the past!
  2. Anyone know how it works- are we able to accept an offer and pay our deposit but if needed decline with adequate notice (ex- at least 3 months) ? I am still awaiting to hear from a school in my province and feel unsure what to do as I do not want to turn down an opportunity but also was was hoping to make an informed decision once hearing from all the schools. Anyone else experiencing this/have advice?
  3. Does anyone know how many students are interviewed for UBC's MOT program? Also do you guys know if they utilize MMI interviews or a different form?
  4. Hey guys! About to start preparing for my MMI any suggestions/guidance about preparing?
  5. Hey guys! Does anyone know if they utilize MMI format?
  6. Hey guys! Does anyone know which OT schools use the cumulative GPA? My understanding is its only Queens University and the rest utilize the most recent 60 credits (Sub-GPA)
  7. I’m a bit worried as I have many experiences but felt I wasn’t able to show them as well on my personal statements with such a small character count- I do feel they are shown well on the CV. Does anyone know if both documents are evaluated equally?
  8. Hey everyone! I can't seem to find any information on this- does anyone know how UBC converts our GPA into a percent when we are given letter grades from the University? also- does anyone know a competitive GPA for an out of province student for UBC thanks!
  9. Does anyone know how UofA is using it.. they say this on their page but I don’t exactly understand what that means The CASPer results will complement the other tools that we use for reviewing applications. We are trying to further enhance fairness and objectivity in our selection process.
  10. Hey guys- I'm wondering if anyone knows how CASPer exam scores are used by the OT/PT programs? I cannot seem to find any information of this..
  11. Hey guys- do you know how schools use the CASPer results? I found the test difficult
  12. I will keep checking- is still down. I called and the lady explained it should be back up sometime today and to just keep checking I will keep checking and post with any updates..
  13. Hey guys! As I get closer to the test date I find myself getting more nervous! Any good ethical reads or advice prior to taking the exam? Any good situational judgment practice websites you have come across?
  14. I have the exact same problem! MY reference tried submitting tonight but now the ORPA system is down. I am a stress mess. Any updates on the system that any one has noticed?
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