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  1. Also if anyone needs any help with MMI or how I prepared for the MMI, PM me! Would be willing to offer a few tips! *DISCLAIMER: WILL NOT BE ANSWERING ANY QUESTIONS OR DISCLOSING ANYTHING REGARDING THE ACTUAL MMI*
  2. I'd imagine that the adcom is unlikely to go back into your file and scrutinize every detail. Most people who reapply will generally rewrite their descriptions or have updated hours so you should be fine.
  3. Definitely agree with the above, your GPA is on the strong end of the spectrum so it's just making sure that you highlight your ECs in a strong way as well! Let me know if you need any help!
  4. Agree with all the above, your NAQ is the subjective part of the application so making sure your NAQ entries have top notch descriptions is key. PM if you need any help!
  5. I agree with what the above people have said - you have some pretty strong ECs, but keep in mind that it's really how you word them on the NAQ that matters. The admissions people won't know the level of your involvement or what you have done if you don't describe them properly with the limited number of characters they allow. PM if you need any help!
  6. Hey everyone! I've been getting a lot of questions about NAQ so I figured I post here just a few pointers and if you have more specific questions, then feel free to PM. 1. Keep your descriptions succinct. You have only 350 characters, so every character counts! 2. Everything counts! There's no such thing as "unimportant" or "not meaningful" experience. If you participated in something or something happened to you, don't shy away from including it! 3. Be descriptive. Tell them WHAT you did, admissions have no idea what you've them if you don't describe the things you we
  7. Definitely agree with the suggestions above, the key to write impactful ABS descriptions is to definitely keep it succinct, use keywords, and demonstrate your involvement. If anyone wants me to edit and read over their descriptions, I'd be happy to do that!
  8. The reg flags shouldn't carry over into future applications unless you've made obvious false statements on your application.
  9. Like what most posters said above, if you can improve your MCAT, then definitely go for it. IMO, I don't think MCAT is worth THAT much. Yes a MCAT score that just barely scrapes above the minimum is probably problematic, but if you're 1-2 points above the minimum in each section, I wouldn't worry as much about it than perhaps maybe the interview. My MCAT score was from the old MCAT (9/7/8) so it was quite low compared to the average (10/10/10) but I chose to mainly focus on improving my interview. PM me if you want other advice or help on the application!
  10. Agree with the above posters, if GPA is one of your shortfalls, then I don't think taking some GPA boosters is going to deny you the chance of an interview. After all, the AQ is a mathematical equation based solely on your grades.
  11. A lot of times, it's not just "what" you say, but "how" you say it. How you come across to the interviewer is quite an important factor because their first impression of you determines how likely are they going to find you personable, etc. Feel free to PM for more interview advice!
  12. Congrats to all those who were accepted (welcome to the fam and make sure to join the FB group!). To all those who weren't accepted, I know the disappointment, frustration, sadness as I went through 4 years of that before I was accepted. If you're considering of reapplying and need advice on your application on how to write a better NAQ, how to improve the MMI interview or just want to chat, feel free to PM me!
  13. Good luck everyone!! I remember all 5 of my decision days- the first 4 were tears of sadness, rejection and disappointment, and finally last year, tears of joy. Whatever the result, you've come farther than you were last year. Feel free to PM for advice if the results aren't in your favour, I've been through the ups and downs so I'd be happy to help however I can.
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