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  1. Yes, there is a closed group on Facebook called U of S College of Dentistry (Classes of 2020-2023). There isn't a page made specifically for the class of 2023 though.
  2. I got into Med school at both the universities, wondering what your thoughts are? Which one is better and where should I go?
  3. Anyone know how many people getting in this year? Also anyone else currently on the waitlist?
  4. Does anyone know what colour the backpacks are going to be this year? Is there a place where we can vote yet?
  5. Does anyone know if the waitlist has moved since the last person got in?
  6. Does anyone know how many applicants are placed in each third of the waitlist? Is it 3 or 4 per third of the waitlist? Also what are my chances given that I am in the top third of the list?
  7. Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of the current students at Usask CoM know when the white coat ceremony will be held this year? If not, would you happen to know when was the ceremony last year? Thank you!
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