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  1. Yeah as long as they notify me so I have a chance to explain I think I'll be good. I'm just afraid they'll throw my app for that reason without even telling me
  2. we have blocked eachother and are no longer in contact, and I don't want to raise the point to her in the event that she will be reminded of it. I just want to know if there's a way you could know if a note has been placed on your file or not.
  3. Hi all, I am just wondering if schools will tell you if you have been blacklisted or placed a note on your file? Long story short, I wanted to breakup with my then gf a few months ago. However, she threatened me that if break up with her, she will badmouth me to the med admission (my ex is also a premed) and said she has screenshots or "evidence" of my bad behavior, such as my "conservative" political views, among many other things (dumb drunk text I sent her, etc). In other words, she is trying to cancel me. Of course, this only worsened the situation and I ended things with her promptly. Now
  4. So I only completed 9 courses in first year (4 courses in Fall term), but I have completed my 2nd and 3rd year FULL TIME. I am now going into my 4th year and will also be doing 10 courses this year. In that case, am I eligible to apply? I did not take any additional courses.
  5. Do you mind telling us what kind of work is it that you did? I am really worried about this because a significant portion of my NAQ is going to be paid experience. I have 1000+ hours working in retail......
  6. Hey guys, I am just wondering if anyone is able to get in with a B+ in English 110 and A- in English 112. Like are English marks super important or just as important as other marks? Thanks.
  7. Sorry if I come across little flippant, but would Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad be a good role model on how to perform on the interview?
  8. thank you guys so much for the inputs, this really helped me to clear some water because a lot of people are telling me to quit the job and try to find a job in a clinical setting. Really appreciate it!!!
  9. Hey guys, I really need some thoughts here. I am a second year UBC premed currently work 5-10 hours on the weekend as a sales person. Will this be a ok EC? The job really brushed up my customer service skills and multi-tasking ( prioritizing customers when the store gets busy, etc) and will this experience look good on the application? Thank you in advance!
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