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  1. It doesn't affect your chances, you just get notified whether you got an interview or not a day or so earlier than other applicants, so you get to choose the imterview timeslot ahead of others. But I wouldn't rush submitting my application by the early deadline just to sign up early for an interview slot (assuming you get an interview)
  2. I just got into VMFP! don't lose hope guys!
  3. On OAS it says "an offer for a position at a preferred site for which I may be wait-listed occurs very rarely and will only happen prior to the start of classes." I have accepted my offer for my second preferred site but I really wanna stay in Vancouver. Has anyone in previous years actually got their first preference site after being wait listed? OAS says it's rare and I didn't see anyone post about this in previous years...I'm starting to lose hope
  4. Hi guys, For UBC students, we are required to fill our an "intake form" + an "online Health Questionnaire" before our immunization appointment with UBC health services. Does anyone know where to find those two forms ? I looked online and couldn't find any...
  5. what is our chances of getting into our first choice? I have seen in 2017 posts that some people got in VMFP off of waitlist which suggests that other people who already had offers and had gotten their second choice must have been offered VMFP and there was still room for people from the waitlist to get into VMFP - I'm assuming people with offers get priority over site preference
  6. Hi y'all Congrats to the class of 2022! My question is regarding the sites- my first choice was VMFP but I got into my second choice which was IMP- obviously I'm still super excited about the offer but I'm really hoping to stay in Van and not move. Does anyone know how the waitlist for your preferred site works? I'm pretty sure we (with offers) get priority over waitlisted people in case anyone accepted to VMFP decline their offer but I'm not sure how the waitlist movement is. Can any med student pitch in and share their experience if they'v gone through the same process b
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