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  1. I received a UofA PT offer last week but will be turning it down to attend another school, so the waitlist should be moving soon.
  2. Yes that would be good I think. Do you want to create it and post the link here?
  3. Hi, I was just wondering if anybody who is or was in UBC's MPT program could say anything about it? For instance -what are the instructors like? -do you enjoy the program? -how are clinical placements and are they randomly assigned or do you have any say in it? -overall difficulty of adjusting to the program? -living in vancouver? and anything else you may want to comment about your experience? I was recently accepted but may have to choose between other programs and wanted to know what it's like!
  4. UBC PT will only take your last 10 senior level courses (300/400/500). And it depends on the % average of those 10 courses but things look good for you. Your experience sounds good as well.
  5. I'm unsure but I heard for the alternate date (29th?) they may not have sent emails yet. I know a few people who have not heard anything yet either, and others who have received rejections.
  6. Last year on the 20th I believe. Before that I think it was the 14th - 15th. I'm pretty sure on the orientation slides it said no earlier that mid-April. So we're probably still waiting about a month, unfortunately.
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