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  1. The only stipulation is you have to pay off outstanding balances and you're at liberty to do as you please. You're not signing a contract to stay with them for the entire duration of your schooling. That being said, some of the promotions require certain terms to avoid paying fees. For example, the iPad promotion through RBC requires that you remain an active client until September 2019; if you cancel beforehand (or remove your direct deposit/PAP), you may be subject to a $430 invoice or w/e the value was of your promotional product. Full disclosure from my rep said that they don't really
  2. No, I didn't... but it may have been a promotional bonus. Send me a PM if you want me to link you with the individual who set me up. They're based out of Vancouver but can help OOP individuals as well.
  3. I went with RBC and got the iPad + the Visa Platinum Avion with 30,000 points. Value depends on how and what you redeem for, but sure - estimated $700.
  4. Emailed CFMS . It's active according to your school's start date.
  5. Apparently won't be active for UBC until August 20 (first day)!
  6. Mirror what the previous poster said, but would add that your experience at BCCDC would definitely be worthwhile to include. I personally see significant value in being able to contribute something that has notably improved the workplace. It demonstrates commitment to an idea in addition to being able to see something through to implementation and action. Perhaps in your description you can divulge a little bit about exactly how your contributions have resulted in changes/improvements/lasting impacts etc. I had a few entries similar to this myself (i.e. unpublished, but tangible contributions
  7. Head over to https://id.ubc.ca, login with your CWL and you should be able to choose between a forwarding service and using it as a UBC hosted mailbox. If you select using it as a UBC mailbox, you can view your inbox by going to https://webmail.alumni.ubc.ca If this option still isn't available to you, then the UBC hosted mailbox might not be active yet. If you're new to UBC, give it a few weeks; otherwise, contact IT and they should be able to sort it out for you!
  8. If you were going to buy a pass, it'll likely be most cost-effective in year 1 as you'll be spending MWF (8-5) and some odd Tu/Thurs at UBC for clin skills etc. Buy it for the Thunderbird Parkade (assuming that parking is still allocated on a per parkade basis). You'll have discounted parking as a med student for parking at Diamond, though it'll still be around $9/day. There's some free parking spots around VGH but they're usually 2H zones during business hours so you could either risk getting a ticket or move your parking spot every few hours. Beyond first year, it's no longer that econ
  9. Should be the RBC Avion Visa Infinite, AF waived for 4 years (fee on the VIP chequing account also waived) - your local rep should be able to offer it (along with the iPad promotion). I can put you in touch with someone based out of BC but able to help remotely if needed - just pm!
  10. I've recently signed on with RBC for their LOC + iPad deal, which I imagine will come in handy when school starts up. If anyone has questions about the process feel free to PM me.
  11. Are you able to elaborate a bit on the part about pathology? Admittedly I know little about that field, but am interested in hearing about the political situation?
  12. Were you able to get an annual fee waiver on the Momentum Infinite? I inquired about it but my rep said it wasn't an option for an AF waiver though I could get a pre-approval.
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