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  1. I didn't get anything either. They said they will email us in mid January for interviews, so it should be soon.
  2. Ok so this is my second time writing the DAT (first time on Nov 2018) - I found the PAT to be really fair (kinda leaning to the easier side). No stones for Key Holes! - Bio was also fair, and yeah no plants lol. - Chem was not bad, but tooooo many calculations compared to Crusher, where it had a balance between calculations and theory. I guessed the last 3 questions cuz I ran out of time. - RC was also fair tbh, very similar to what you see on crusher/bootcamp, even though I don't think I did very well on it. (English is not my first language so don't trust me too much here
  3. Hey! Congrants on your great scores! I'm writing the DAT on Nov 2018 for the first time, and was wondering if you have good websites for practice passages?
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