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  1. I was just wondering how UWO calculates my grade percentage. My 2 best years are: year 3 : 84% year 4 : 93% do they take both those numbers and divide it by 2? Or do they average all 20 courses? Thank you!
  2. Thank you so much! If my single year is AT the cutoff for western (GPA 3.7, MCAT) can I still apply, or do they require a higher GPA or MCAT score? Would this be different in my case because I am using my last year (4th year) as my single year at cutoff, and im taking a 5th year?
  3. Hello, I am new here! Just wondering how the conditional acceptance works for Western Med School?
  4. Hello, I'm sorry I am new to this I do have a low GPA and I am currently in my 3rd year (in Ontario, SWOMEN as well) 1Year is 1.57 2Year is 3.2 3Year is probably going to be 3.7 I am going to take a 5th year to improve my GPA as well as finishing courses for my degree. I am not too sure what to do, and frankly I am not feeling well about this. If you have any advice or even schools that I can aim to apply? Thank you so much and I hope you have a great holiday!
  5. Hello, I was looking at the MSAR for American medical schools. Majority of them take very little "International" students, but quite a few "out of state" students. I know some American schools consider Canadians as "out of state" so I was wondering which ones do and which ones consider us as "international"? Thank you!
  6. If I am in Ontario does this effect my admissions to certain schools outside of the province?
  7. Thank you! My grandfather was terminally ill so my parents had to leave the country to care him. So I had to take on a full time position at work just to pay rent by myself as well as send money over seas for his surgery. Do you think this is a valid reason?
  8. I dropped a course in my first semester of first year as well as second semester of second year. Will this still effect my weighted average? Thank you!
  9. Thank you so much! Do you know which schools do this?
  10. Hey guys! Unfortunately in my first year my GPA was horrible (2.3gpa) because of a terminally ill family member. I am in my second year and getting much higher grades (3.8gpa). I did fail a course in my first year as well, so my first question is should I retake all of my first year courses if interested in a Canadian medical program? I have hospital volunteering experience, I also shadow an oncologist every week, as well as a ton of community work in my city. I am currently doing research with a professor, and involved in sports and clubs in and around my campus so my EC and LO
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