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  1. However, you have to consider that he is asking for his chance for an interview and those stats are based on those accepted. Since 550 are interviewed vs about 200 who are accepted, it would be relatively safe to assume that the average to receive an interview would be a low 3.8 and a 128 ish. In which case their gpa is slightly above whereas their CARS is below... needless to say an above average CASPer is necessary, but probably not a top percentile one.
  2. Hi everyone, I just received my mcat score and found out that I scored a 127 in CARS (511 overall). I also have a 3.91 cGPA and am designated as in province. Given this I was wondering if an average to slightly above average CASPer would qualify me for an interview? I have seen the accepted stats (3.87 avg +129 CARS for 204 matriculants) of the class of 2021. However, since about 550 interviews are sent out, would it be fair to assume that a reasonable number of 127s are interviewed. Also would you recommend a re-write for the mcat? Thanks for the advice... It is greatly appr
  3. Hi everyone, I have a question about receiving IP status at Mcgill. I recently graduated from undergrad and will likely be working in Quebec come late August/ Early September. I'm currently a resident of Ontario but will my residing and working in Quebec for at least a year grant me in province status for the upcoming application cycle. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. How is your MCAT balanced if you don't mind me asking. If you have above 128 in CARS that opens up a lot of options for schools outside of Ontario.
  5. Hey thanks for the responses everyone. I just wanted to ask if it would make sense to take a 5th year to raise my GPA. This likely would only be for Ottawa as I think I am competitive already for other schools in terms of GPA.
  6. Hi all, My GPA is currently this for each year: Year 1: 3.89 Year 2: 3.89 Year 3" 3.92 Year 4: 3.90 I was going to finish year 4 with a 3.93 - but I don't know what happened with my final exam of undergrad and dropped to a 3.7 in that course. Will that severely hurt my chances as my wGPA for Ottawa would have been a 3.92/3.91 instead of the 3.90 that it is now. Also would it make sense to take 5th year to increase my GPA to be more competitive for Ottawa. MY GPA for other schools is: Mac cGPA - 3.90 UofT = 3.94 Queens/Western = 3.91 Th
  7. Hi, thanks for the responses so far. I just found out that my wGPA for Ottawa is actually a 3.901 because of this last course mark that I just received where I scored a 3.7 instead of a 3.9. I know that this GPA is on the lower end of those invited to interview generally. Would it make sense to take a 5th year to increase my GPA even though it will likely only make a significant difference in Ottawa? Also is there a significant difference between a 3.90 and 3.92 at Ottawa? Thanks!
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