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  1. I would say your current stats are competitive for McMaster. The admission averages typically fall around a 3.84 GPA and 129 CARS score, so you're within an acceptable range there. Unfortunately Mac won't directly consider your EC's or the upward trend in your GPA during the admissions process, but both provide you with great talking points during a Casper or MMI. I wouldn't necessarily agree with the argument that medical school admissions at Mac (or any school for that matter) is a crapshoot. There is most definitely luck involved, but it is very possible to tailor yourself as an applicant t
  2. Contrary to what has been stated on this thread, your post-interview ranking or wait list position has no bearing on if you're assigned to your preferred campus. Mac utilizes a weighted lottery system based off your preferences to determine what students are assigned to each campus. If the regional campuses are under prescribed (which seems to often happen), then it's just luck of the draw that determines if someone who prefers Hamilton ends up at a regional campus, not that they were on the bottom of the accepted list. By ranking a specific regional campus second, you increase your odds of be
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