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  1. Hey! So sorry for the late reply! But I ended up going with Mac as Queens didn't get back to me with the wait list in time. Good luck
  2. Hey guys! I created a group for McMaster Physiotherapy Class of 2020 so it'd be easier to communicate : https://www.facebook.com/groups/823021097891519/. Let me know if you have any trouble accessing the group! -Sim
  3. Hey guys! I was just wondering if any previous or current students or those who generally know a lot about the two universities could give me some pros and cons of the program, student life, placements etc.? Thanks
  4. Hey! I’m in the same position with McMaster and Queens. I’m probably going to call and actually ask about this and also get some feedback about it from someone who’s currently in the PT program at Queens. If I get any info , I’ll let you know.
  5. Thank you I was leaning a little bit more toward Queens! I plan on calling and getting a few more details about the waitlist as well as provisional acceptances to another university and how they impact the whole process.
  6. Accepted into McMaster PT, waitlisted for Queens PT (#11) and waitlisted for Western PT (middle third) ! Congrats to everyone who got accepted or waitlisted. I also had a back up plan if I didn’t get accepted so if anyone would like some advice on that matter, feel free to message me Also, does anyone know how fast the Queens waitlist is suppose to move up?
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