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  1. I still havent heard from queens, is anyone else in the same boat?
  2. I had similar essay for all three schools but I changed it a bit for western to answer their questions.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if there was anyone that has applied to McGill OT QY before and has any tips for the video statement? Thanks!
  4. Hey anyone that has taken the CASPER test, do you have any advice or tips on how to do well? Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone, I was thinking of applying to UK schools as well this year for OT and I just wanted to get more information on the application process, which schools ppl have applied to or have gone too and also how the process was coming back to Canada to register as an OT? Thanks!
  6. Has anyone on Queens OT tried to contact them to see their waitlist rank? I know it says they cant tell you but I wanted to ask but I wasn't sure if they would respond.
  7. does anyone know if there is a deadline to find out from waitlist or does it go all the way until august?
  8. Has anyone that is waitlisted for Queen's OT emailed to ask for their rank?
  9. Hey I'm on OT waitlist for Queen's does anyone know how to find out what rank you are?
  10. Hey to those who got accepted I am applying again this year and I was wondering if anyone was willing to let me see their personal statement just to get an idea of how to maybe improve mine. I am not trying to copy or steal someone's whole statement even just a portion such as an intro would help. Thank you!
  11. What did you use to calculate your average? Last time I calculated mine it was different from the one OUAC generated.
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