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  1. Hi Rachellanna, I’m pretty sure they’ll exclude any grades after December. Given that you complete your degree by April, they’ll only use the courses completed prior to the winter semester of that academic year to calculate your UAA. For example, if you’ve taken 105 credits by the end of the fall term, your last 15 credits, that you’d most likely take in the winter term, would not be included in the UAA calculation. Hope I could be of some help.
  2. Hello again, Thank you for the responses. Although, I’m not particularly frightful of getting a single 3.9. Haha. I was just curious as to how difficult some of these courses were. Also, are fourth year courses generally the easiest? I’ve heard many people say that since the class sizes are small, there is more student-professor interaction, thus people end up doing better. Furthermore, are professors a bit more lenient in giving people A’s / 90’s / 4.0’s? I remember hearing one of my professors from the UofC say that he was told, by the department, to put 30% of the students in the A- to
  3. Hey again, From what I understand, the UofS uses the most recent 120 credit units, leading up until the awarding of your degree, in their GPA calculation. I would assume this includes any courses attempted in the spring and summer, as long as they fall within that range, and within five years. Having spent my first year at the UofC, I can confirm that spring and summer courses do not get inputted into the UofC’s GPA calculation. As such, you could have a 4.0 in the fall and winter terms (minimum of eight courses each academic year), and do worse in the spring and summer semesters and
  4. Hello everyone, Thank you for your responses! I feel pretty good about the coming year, and I hope to study alongside you guys. Although, I have one last question pertaining to the relative difficulty of a course. Is BMSC 240 really as difficult as everyone says it is? One of my friends said the highest mark in his class was an 89%, which is ridiculously low for the highest mark. Wouldn’t that also offset anyone’s intention of getting a perfect “4.0” after the OMSAS grade conversions for anyone wishing to apply OOP? According to the OMSAS scale, 89% = 3.9. This is the last of the “
  5. Hello everyone, Long time viewer, first time poster. I am a student going into my third year of undergrad, and was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how third year PHPY courses are like. Specifically, I would like some information regarding PHPY 303 and 308. I concluded the previous year with a 90+ average, and I hope my future years are just as fruitful. Any information would be very much appreciated! Thanks, Nocturnes
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